Reinforcement mechanics in industrial structures

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A public structure I use for research was recently reinforced.
I was unaware anything was amiss until I received a notification my jobs were paused.

I am unable to cancel the jobs (thus retrieving the blueprints). Is this a function of having shields reinforced? Were the jobs being paused a function of the shield timer as well, or just the station owner off-lining the service?

Second question: it seems the structure owner put the structure into low power mode just before the shield timer ran out. From what I could see, that put it into the hull timer as soon as it came out of shield reinforcement. (Low power does not get an armor timer, right?)

So why would they put it in low power. I can’t think of any advantage and leaving it powered they could at least force the adversary to grind the armor if they were not going to defend.

It seems pointless to me, so I’m hoping there was some deeper strategy at work someone could clue me into.

The latter. Services only go offline when the hulltimer goes into effect.

Probably in order to unfit the module and save ISK from destruction. On the other hand, while a structure is being attacked you cannot change the fitting of it so that’s out of the window.


Wouldn’t it be nice if you would get a notification that a structure with your jobs running in it is getting attacked?

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If station owner offlines structure then your jobs get stopped.

Yes, it really would.

Appreciate your input. There has been so many changes to structure mechanics since they rolled out it can be tough finding current info.

Then that means the structure owner is the one who decided to stop your jobs. if it’s low poser, that means the research facility is offlined, that means the jobs are paused.
Now the structure was reinforced directly into hull so you can’t modify the structure, that is unless people defend the structure on the hull timer, it will go boom and all your jobs with it.

possible outcomes :

  • structure is undefended. Structure goes boom. This goes in two steps :
    1. the research service is removed : all your jobs are cancelled, meaning any item used for the job is destroyed but the bp are saved. Basically you lose your time, the materials and money used to start the job.
    2. Then if you are not in a WH your assets go in asset safety. In a WH they have a (50%?) chance to drop.
  • structure is defended. It goes back to shield timer.
    1. owner onlines the research service, you are then free to either unpause your jobs and/or stop them.
    2. Owner unfit the service, in which case you lose the jobs materials, isks, and the time (but your bps are safe).
    3. He can also not do anything, then you should ask a GM to stop your jobs IIRC.
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Thanks for the detail. The only thing I dont understand now is why they off-lined the structure after the shield was reinforced. I cant see where it accomplished anything aside from removing the opportunity to defend an armor timer.

they offlined it BEFORE it was reinforced.

Otherwise it would have gone into the armor timer.
or maybe low power while in armor timer goes into hull timer ?

All I know for sure is that I received a notification my jobs were paused. I few out there and the structure was in low power and there was 40 minutes left on the shield timer.

Came back 50 minutes later and the hull timer was running. I dont think the adversaries even had to shoot it.

yes they had to. basically owner offlined the service (or removed the fuel)

If this was highsec, the owner probably offlined/unfit things when the wardec came in.

Appreciate any input, but was not off-lined until AFTER it was shield reinforced.

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