Certain modules should stay online until destruction

The new vulnerability/reinforcement changes for citadel structures are a good change.

But they’ve made the process of running jobs safely in citadels kind of a pain. Before if I were running reactions… i could safely set cycles of nearly a week and feel comfortable that I could complete the job. Your jobs would continue to run until the structure went into it’s final reinforcement cycle where they’d pause… and if the structure died they’d be lost (including all input materials).

That same pausing happens now… but due to the changes you hit the final timer from 22-50 hours after the initial attack.

This means… really frequent runs of small duration industry and research jobs.

So… what do people think of letting the industry and research jobs keep running while the structure is in the final timer? Is that unbalanced? Or should I just suck it up and restart industrial stuff daily?

Sounds good to me. Maybe the output, or some of the input materials, should land in the wreck as a compensation, proportional to how much of the cycle had completed.

The problem with this idea is it takes away the ability to shut someone’s production down without killing them.

A better solution would be to change where the ‘long’ timer is to between shield and armour.
This does three things.

  1. It gives you time for jobs to run.
  2. It gives you time to rally a fleet.
  3. It means low power structures are faster to destroy in low and highsec.

Well, it effectively switches the time it would take production down back to the old time (about a week) as opposed to the new time (a day or two).

It just so happens taking production down also destroys the citadel.

This is an entirely selfish thing for me. I’m not liking resetting reaction every day and I’m not willing to risk 10b+ in raw materials to react stuff for a week. It would be one thing if they went to asset safety… but they just go “poof”.

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