How to kill wh Astrahus 101

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Greetings o7

Would like to kill an Astrahus in wh space but we have never done it before, the Astra is in low power and we hacked it with data analyzer and it showed that the reinf. day is sunday 20:00 . When would be the best time to strike so that enemy has minimum time available for getting defense/help ready?

Grateful in advance.

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Haha in before snarky “shoot it until it’s hp drops to zero”. For real though ~600 dps is the minimum for breaking shield regen normally, might be less with resistance drop do to low power. More dps does get it done faster. You need to shoot the shields a minimum of 12 hours before the reinforcement time that is set. Hopefully you get some drops but if not you can always salvage the wreck for 100 mill.

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Seriously, though: Shoot it until it is dead. It even works with 3 drone destroyers.

You can strike whenever you want, the timers will always end +/-2 hours around the time that you learned from the hack. Roll entry holes to the system to crit, scout them, and then just start shooting.

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Is the dmg cap same if its in low power?
We are not new to the game nor inexperienced, just that we never had fun with structures xD
( posting from different account/character so that i give minimal info to whoever is watching… wormhole life )

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It is the same, yes. However, structures in low power mode have fewer shield and structure hit points.

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you want to finish at least 14 hours before that timer I believe. So work out your fleet, work out likely applied dps and matches it out. you may find to allow good sleep time you want to hit the day before and just accept it gives them a few more hours.

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