Killing an Astrahus

Say you want to kill an Astrahus. You have a grand total of two players (yourself and friend) to do it, no one else. Meaning, two ships.

These two players can fly anything up to and including battleships.

How long will it take to kill it with whatever optimum ship (battleship class and under) you recommend?

Assume we are unopposed, no one is manning the Astrahus, etc.


2 800 DPS Oracles

35 minutes for shield and armor in low power mode, 1.5 hours for Structure.

Seriously? It took longer than that for us to down a POCO (2 Myrmidons) so I was expecting much worse for an Astrahus.


My math may be wrong, but shield and armor are 1.8M hitpoints each, structure is 7.2M. Late last year I have seen solo Oracles take down uncontested low power structures easily. Maybe it takes longer but it is not a big thing.

Gotcha. Well we were running Myrms on the POCO, so I’m sure Oracles will give us somewhat higher output.

Even if it’s twice the time you estimated, that will be better than we expected.


Don’t forget to link the killmails and let us know how long they took. :smiling_imp:

For those, who does not want to wait that long:
[Leshak, high sec bash 3000 DPS]

Entropic Radiation Sink II
Entropic Radiation Sink II
Entropic Radiation Sink II
Entropic Radiation Sink II
Damage Control II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Imperial Navy Drone Damage Amplifier

Caldari Navy Large Shield Extender
Gistum C-Type EM Ward Amplifier
Dread Guristas Adaptive Invulnerability Field
Large Micro Jump Drive

Supratidal Entropic Disintegrator II, Occult L
Heavy Gremlin Compact Energy Neutralizer
Heavy Gremlin Compact Energy Neutralizer
Heavy Gremlin Compact Energy Neutralizer
Heavy Gremlin Compact Energy Neutralizer

Large Ancillary Current Router II
Large Capacitor Control Circuit II
Large Capacitor Control Circuit I

Ogre II x4
Warden II x4

Eifyr and Co. ‘Gunslinger’ Surgical Strike SS-903

My corp’s Praxis with Polarized blasters can spit out more than 2 000 DPS, so with two of them you’ll hit the damage cap of the Astrahus. Just pray for your ships that nobody come taking shots at your big ass ship.

Yea that’s kind of the important part: whether or not somebody is shooting back. An Astrahus can have pretty good defenses if it’s fit properly, so any DPS centered sub-cap could easily get wrecked. Plus, if they know you’re hitting their structures with DPS boats it wouldn’t take much to kill you ship-to-ship.

As for ship types. Oracles and Myrms are nice but you can also upship to things like blaster Megathrons, or even faction BS like Rattlesnakes or Vindicators, for a very significant DPS boost. And of course Leshaks are the ideal solution for sub-cap structure bashing because of their damage-over-time bonuses. It all just kind of depends on how much ISK you want to put on the line. A well fit Leshak can easily cost more than the structure.

If you had more people, you could also hit the damage cap of a medium citadel with like 7-10 bombers (depending on skill/fitting.) Upside of bombers is that they are cheap, mobile and not very skill demanding.

For an update, 4 Oracles arrived on grid as we had just started shooting the structure with twin Myrms. We warped away as we did not know their intentions, but tried to raise them on coms to see if they would like for us to join in. They did not respond so we watched from a distance. They made short work of the thing, maybe 10 minutes or so.

Note that the thing had just come out of structure timer when we warped in to kill it, and it was in low power mode.

Is the kill on zkill? Did it drop loot?

I’ll check my killmails later to see if I got anything, as I contributed to some of the damage before those guys warped in. It did seem to drop a couple small ships IIRC.

Something will only drop if it’s in wh sec.

High power
hp are 8640000 each, that is 7.2M base value + the 20% resistances that are on each layer of the structure.
if you reinforce a high power structure, that means you have to shoot through 8640000hp 3 times
with a 1600dps, that takes 90minutes each
total: 90minutes * 3 = 270minutes

Low Power
if you shoot at a low power structure, that means shield and armor are one sumed up hp wall, but with a reduced base value we have following values:
1.8m (shield base) + 1.8m (armor base) -> the additional 20% resistances on both each
-> 2.16M + 2.16M = 4.32M hp with 1600dps we are talking 45minutes for shield and armor and 90minutes for the structure, because again 7.2M (hullbase) + 20% -> 8640000 / 1600dps = 90minutes
total: 90minutes + 45minutes = 135minutes

most efficient/fastest ships are supercarrier/dreadnought > leshak > rattlesnake (torpedos/drones fitted) > rest

Hope this helps

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there will be drops if:
if the structure had finished ships/modules/etc in production, but the person, who started the jobs didn’t finish (aka clicking the finish) button yet
those items can drop


What @X_Mayce wrote above and also the possibility of ships dropping that @Beast_of_Revelations mentioned, plus from personal experience you also can get construction parts (and just assuming here but if the citadel had rigs still on probably have a chance to drop those or their construction materials too based on the rigs I suppose) as I’ve personally salvaged a citadel and an engineering complex wreck, the citadel dropped a loot container with construction parts (based on the astrahus blueprint what was dropped is based on the materials needed to construct it and seems unlikely that were part of a construction job, though that is just my guess and it is possible it was from a manufacturing job but I feel it being unlikely to be the case) and the other dropped nothing once the salvage finished. This was in hisec.



We can link kill mails in the forums now?

Where are normal carriers in that hierarchy?

Full dps fitted carrrier (Nidhoggur here) (4 Fighter Support Units, 3 Drone Damage Amplifier
with T2 Firbolgs is at 3.2k dps according to Pyfa (probably slightly higher because of the F3-Key ability (don’t remember the name right now) (yes you could go 4 Drone Damage Amps too -> makes it like 3.5k dps)

so between dreads and leshak

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