Citadels and low power

I am curious. If I have an astrahus on low power, how easy would it be to kill it? I read some dev blogs but cant seem to find what specifically happens in a pvp situation with low power?

How many hitpoints, what is the reinforcement time like? what dps cap is there?

Can someone tell me what would be needed to kill one effectively? Would five battleships be overkill? What about the attack battlecruisers like the Tornado or Oracle? Could 4 or 6 of them be enough to easily skill the low powered astrahus? And how quickly can this be done?

Thanks again

You basically lose a third of your hitpoints I believe, and you no longer have an armor timer.


Things are better now with Upwell 2.0 to remove low powered Upwell structures. A full powered Astrahus you need something like 5000 DPS to reach the cap and 500 DPS to prevent reinforcement. That means you need 5000DPS to reinforce it in 24 minutes, 2500 DPS will do it in 48 minutes, or 1000 DPS in >3 hours. If @Netan_MalDoran is right, then you can reduce those numbers by 1/3 (3333 DPS for 24 minutes) which is 3-4 gank fit battleships or attack battlecruisers, and they have to do it only twice.

The only problem comes if you think a defence fleet is going to show up, or the Astrahus is going to start shooting at you. In that case you would need a more balanced fleet with some tank and some dedicated logi. But if it is truly abandoned, then even a couple battleships/ABCs could remove one in a reasonable (30-40 minutes times 2) time.

EDIT: Since you asked about overkill, to be clear there is no use to bring more ships/DPS than you need to reach the DPS cap. The Upwell mechanics are such that whether you have 5 battleships (hitting the cap) or 500 battleships, it still takes a minimum of 24 minutes to reinforce. Additional ships are only useful if the other side shows up to fight.


No such thing as overkill. Bring as many guns as you can. Drop 100 titans if you can. The faster the better.

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We once met a corp which is dedicated to erase poorly defended structures from Highsec.
After thinking twice, that job sounds like fun.

We’re doing that with our free time with trash fit vexors purely for the salvage.

Kinda redefines gun mining :stuck_out_tongue:

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