Killing A Raitaru

Just wondering how much dps is needed to kill one of these things. My crew and I can field 3 tech one cruisers at the moment doing about 250dps a piece. So probably not enough but I’m curious:)

I think raitaru equipped with combat mods got more chances to own your gang. You could also check its stats and see go many HP it has also keep in mind the vulnerability windows etc so d3f3nd3rs might pop up to slap you.

I’m fairly certain the station has no defense mods, and the corp has been inactive for about two months as far as I can tell. I’m assuming that it’s defenseless and I’ll just have to put into reinforced mode before the venerability timer runs out. So with those assumptions would I have a chance? I’m more curious about how it will go so I’ll probably try it regardless but I’d like to know if I can do it.

Isn’t there a way to “take over” when docked in those stations there is a selection for that, or buy it from the Corp, they may not be interested in having it, better to profit then just blow up an opportunity before you check.

yes but you have to have permission for that and they won’t give that out. Plus I’ve had an issue with them in the past and it would be nice to see this station explode.

That’s enough. You need 500 DPS to reinforce the structure. It will take some time given how far you are from the DPS cap of 5000.

If it is defended, that will be another matter but you should be able to grind it down with three if abandoned. I would suggest to go with something much cheaper though than T3 cruisers and fit it all gank. Something like attack battlecruisers such as the Talos or the Oracle which can put out easily more than 1000 DPS and make your grind faster with much less risk.

Just a point, if you wait until Feb 13th update you may have an easier time. If the owner is AFK for 2 months, chances are the structure is out of fuel. If out of fuel, after the 13th the structure will be in the low power state, having one lease timer. Plus you will be able to attack the first time whenever you want making your life easier.

This will also save you some money if this is a hi sec Structure where you have to Dec the owner.


oh thanks! I’ll probably do that. Thanks for the info everyone! I appreciate it.

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