Fitted Raitaru's For Sale

I have for sale 2 Raitaru’s, fitted with a Clone bay each, and fuel in each for 29 Days (as of posting ad). Both in Highsec, and transferable.

Selling for 650 Mil ISK each.

Contact Holder McHolder in game.

still for sale

want to purchase 1 of the Rait… sending ISK now

ISK received thanks transferring structure to you

1 Raitaru still for sale, in Highsec close to a Trade hub. Fitted…

Standup Heavy Energy Neutralizer I x2
Standup Variable Spectrum ECM I x1
Standup Signal Amplifier I x1
Standup Focused Warp Disruptor I (With Scrambling Script)
Standup Multirole Missile Launcher I x1
Standup Cruise Missile 1000
Standup Heavy Missile 1000
Standup Light Missile 1000
Helium Fuel Block 6244 (as of typing)
Standup Cloning Center I


still for sale

I would take it if still available.

Which system? DM me ingame

650m sent

Thanks Legit structure transferred, both now sold CCP please close thread.

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