WTS Raitaru with T1 rigs and fittings in Niyabainen 2.2b isk

I’m moving myself to nullsec. I don’t want to decomission rigged raitaru.

Here is fittings;
Standup M-Set Advanced Component Manufacturing Material Efficiency I
Standup M-Set Advanced Medium Ship Manufacturing Material Efficiency I
Standup M-Set Equipment Manufacturing Material Efficiency I

Standup Invention Lab I
Standup Manufacturing Plant I

High Slot
Standup Heavy Energy Neutralizer I
Standup XL Energy Neutralizer I
Standup Multirole Missile Launcher I

Mid Slot
Standup Stasis Webifier I
Standup Focused Warp Disruptor I

Low Slot
Standup Ballistic Control System I

1500x Standup Cruise Missile
1500x Standup Heavy Missile
1500x Standup Light Missile

Price Jita Buy (buy order price, not sell order price)
2.4b isk.

I want 2.2b

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