WTS - Rigged Raitaru - 2 Jumps from Jita - Fully Fit - 1B Isk

!! Message LORETH in game for more info !!

Have a fully fit/rigged Raitaru 2 jumps from Jita. 500M in fuel blocks (Years worth). Paid over 2 Bill to fit, will start sale at 1B ISK!

comes with
[Raitaru, Raitaru]
Standup Reactor Control Unit I

Standup Variable Spectrum ECM II
Standup Focused Warp Disruptor I

Standup Multirole Missile Launcher I
Standup Heavy Energy Neutralizer I
Standup Heavy Energy Neutralizer I

Standup M-Set Structure Manufacturing Material Efficiency I
Standup M-Set ME Research Accelerator I
Standup M-Set TE Research Accelerator I

Standup Manufacturing Plant I
Standup Invention Lab I
Standup Research Lab I

Standup Gravimetric ECM Script x1
Standup Ladar ECM Script x1
Standup Magnetometric ECM Script x1
Standup Radar ECM Script x1
Standup Heavy Missile x2500
Standup Light Missile x2500
Standup Focused Warp Scrambling Script x1

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