WTS Online Raitaru in Ahtulaima

Cored, online, and fit. Nice for industry with quick export to the largest trade hub in Eve: Jita.

[Raitaru, Ahtulaima - Grantinus Manufacturing Plant]
Standup Missile Guidance Enhancer II

Standup Focused Warp Disruptor II
Standup Stasis Webifier II

Standup Multirole Missile Launcher II

Standup M-Set Basic Medium Ship Manufacturing Time Efficiency I
Standup M-Set Basic Medium Ship Manufacturing Material Efficiency I

Standup Cloning Center I
Standup Manufacturing Plant I

Standup Light Missile x500
Standup Cruise Missile x500
Standup Heavy Missile x500

Want just 700 mill, even though its worth well over double that. Would be good for a solo or small corp to get into indy. Drop offers.

Offer 700m!

accepted. messaged on eve, got a confirmation, and structure transferred.

done deal.

lol scammer. will be war decced shortly.

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