WTS Research Raitaru near Providence & Amarr

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Due to moving my bpo’s to 0.0 I wish to sell my old t2/t1 fitted Research Raitaru.

Current fit

High power
2x Standup Heavy Energy Neutralizer I
1x Standup ASML Missile Launcher I

Medium power
1x Standup Stasis Webifier I
1x Standup Warp Scrambler I

Low power
1x Standup Ballistic Control System I

Rig Slot
1x Standup M-Set ME Research Accelerator II
1x Standup M-Set TE Research Accelerator I
1x Standup M-Set Blueprint Copy Accelerator I

Service Slot
1x Standup Reprocessing Facility I
1x Standup Research Lab I
1x Standup Manufacturing Plant I

5,000x Standup ASML-SD Missile
5,000x Standup ASML-LD Missile
5,000x Standup ASML-MD Missile

Location is on route between Amarr & Dital. Slightly closer towards Dital (and providence)

Either isk up front and transfer or a legit 3rd party person. evepraisal
http://evepraisal.com/a/cgeww In case you are eager to know my main toon. Search
Waicheun in game. Diplomat/Director of corporation Spartan Vanguard.

not looking for max profit, just a fair deal. Hate un achoring it at a big loss.

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bump \o/

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bump! ;D

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still availeble. will sell for 75% value

(Tom Forager) #6

How much would it be ish?

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evepraisal says its 5,6 bil buyers jita, you can have it for 3,5 bil.


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still for sale

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