Is it worth adding defense to a Raitaru

Recently had a war dec and trying to decide if its worth adding defense to the stations. As far as I am aware they are a supplemented force that helps with your task to defend, but as I don’t partake in pvp, would it be enough to repel a 15 man corp?

Worse case I am out 1.3 b isk, no issue there, best case the threat is fended off.

no ! if you cant fight without this stations its not worth to fit it with any defensive mods ! Safe your ISK !

a single station ? → No per default ! if they are stupid then yes you can kill something but thats rare !

thanks for the reply

now I am curious how profitable it is for a corp to take down a Raitaru in high sec. There is only 1 cheap module left in there to make it hardened. Does not seem like a good isk/time ratio. Also isnt there an asset safety net for any other players that have items in the facility?

if you dont pay a ransome ( and you never should pay a ransome offer ) then they only got the core and some stuff of the fitting ! everything else excpect stuff in a corp hangar ( but i´m not 100% sure about the corp hangar ) will be teleportet into asset saftey

The core and the lols.

thanks yall, I will just enjoy the light show and keep dropping more stations