Question regarding Citadels

New player here to installing these. I had put up an Astrahus in a low sec system where I base out of. Within 30 minutes of it being installed after the 24 hour period, it was destroyed by players I had never seen before (my home system and mainly a PvE player). Did I just get unlucky, or is there a notification to other corps if I put one up there?

The other astrahus in the system wasn’t touched, im overall pretty confused as to what just happened. How can I avoid this in the future?

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After it finishes anchoring it has a 15 min vulnerability timer

they would have seen it anchoring and waited for that window and killed it then

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Good to know. How do I prevent that as a solo player?

  1. Work oit the play time of the locals and aim for the timer to be in their off time

  2. Find a quieter system

  3. Pay someone to gard it (Nothing stopping the people you pay to take your isk and kill it them self)

TY for the advice, setting it to be vulnerable at 11 pm probably wasn’t the best idea. There’s usually no one in it, but right on time like 8 people in system.

If they are local and they don’t want you to set up won’t matter the timer they will wake up for it

Maybe get to know the locals they could be great people and help you set up without killing it once you get to know them

It will always show up to everyone in local, and anyone undocked can see it.

Very difficult. Lowsec has a lot of benefits, but also a lot of danger. You are alone, and if you want to continue to choose to be alone, then youre gonna have to pay the price.

Make friends, hire them, defend, etc.

Not sure why you decided to anchor and then leave, though. You shouldve stayed.

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