Request: Lowsec Raitaru Defense in Sinq Laison

This portion of the forum seems to see little use, but in the off chance it can make me a new acquaintance or two, I’m giving it a try.

I have a station in lowsec with an armor vulnerability timer set around 6:00 Eve time (UTC), about 24 hours or a little less time from this posting. (The hull timer will be some days later if the armor goes down.) I have been advised there will probably be capitals fielded against me. The primary enemy force is composed of about 3 to 5 pilots, plus their allied reinforcements. Because they’ve been stomping around the area for some time, they’ve angered the local population, some of which claim to be coming to help me, though I did not look a gift horse in the mouth enough to ask what they intend to bring.

The station is expendable. I would of course prefer to keep it, but if it is lost and everyone enjoys a ‘good fight’, that would be an acceptable outcome. I am looking for anyone who wants to do some PvP in lowsec on my dime without being under pressure from their employer to win or face retribution (probably in the form of salty behavior from a poor sport). I would favor newer or less experienced players interested in this vocation so that they can use the experience to refine their skills and gain experience to catch up with their peers, and of course, have some fun doing so.

I keep odd hours, and am normally awake and off work during the vulnerability timer I’ve set (which is why I’ve set it for that time). If you’ve got an offer for me, please send me an in game mail and I will get back to you as soon as possible, but be advised that my odd hours has me asleep or working during most of the day, so I may not be able to get back to you right away.

I thank you for your time and attention, if you’ve read this far. Wish me luck. :slight_smile:


Can you just directly post the real timers, I live in a wormhole LS static and can bring a neuting BC or an ewar cruiser. Will be happy to help. And I am definitely PvP inexperienced😂

I can send an eve-mail. The exact time of and location are kept vague on the forums intentionally, and I will not know the actual time for the final timer unless the armor is lost, at which point the final timer will be determined. At best, I can give you the armor timer’s exact eve time, the system name, and the exact structure I am trying to defend.

I will do a bit of background checking, and if everything seems to be in order I will send a mail, and notify my friends of your potential presence so that they know not to shoot you on arrival.

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I have been skilling this char, has been sleeping mainly in Highsec station until i reach around 20-25M SP, then I want to join in a PvP corp, since up to now I have been mainly an industrialist with 4 other toons. I thought the defence of your structure might be a great first opportunity to start flying my to be main PvP char again! Since I am almost at 20M SP now.

I’ve sent a mail with the details. Remember this is for your enjoyment and practice, so try to have some fun at my expense. :slight_smile:

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Did you ever witness the horror of a Celestis damping a Titan??? Now you will!!! It is WAR…!!!:bomb: You have unleashed the Beast…

Ha ha ha. If enthusiasm can be weaponized you will be unstoppable! Looking forward to working with you and your can do attitude.

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The defense of the armor timer was a success. For the moment, however brief, the station is safe, and I have some new friends (and enemies, it would seem).

TYRANNATOR I1I has been exceptionally kind and gracious, offering us some sanctuary if we needed it because of structure loss.

I’d also like to mention that my defenders asked for no payment and came with quite the little army. People say that Eve is a dark, cold, friendless space where everyone’s out to get you, but this proves that to an extent there is warmth hidden in the cold blackness of New Eden.

I may still lose the station to follow up attacks, but the friends I can keep indefinitely.