US - 123M SP LF Low/Null Sec PVP

I’m in the central time zone, and I’m active most days. I’ve been in goons for years and I’m looking for a change. I’d like to stay in nullsec, but I’m open to low sec (Do not have a ton of experience in FW or low).

I have discord, microphone, etc.

Ethereal Morality Proud Member of the Initiative

✪ Chill Real Life Comes First Group of mature people


✪ PvP :skull_and_crossbones: oriented corp with PVE opportunities.

✪ Plenty of ISK making opportunities to fund PVP.

✪ Extensive Alliance infrastructure in place in space, With Alliance JF Services

✪ Experienced Corp Leadership and FC’s

✪ Friendly Members who are always willing to help

  • What We Require-
    ✪ At least one useful Alt (Cap Or Tackle)

✪ Minimum Age of 18 years old

✪ Omega Account

✪ 35,000,000 SP minimum Must be self-sufficient in: Rating in 0.0, Mining, Exploring, etc… 5 FATs per month requirement

✪ Full ESI on All Characters

✪ No Drama

✪ Willingness to train into Alliance Doctrine Ships and Be part of the Team. We often enjoy playing other games together when not logged into EVE.

If you want to know more Join us on Discord


Pretty sure you are used with large blobs during fleets and plenty of members on coms, but if you would like to try a small tight knit group, give us a shout, we are not that bad :slight_smile:

Check us out

Goons! Spai! Regardless, we might fit the bill and you can see how your brethren treat the little folk in Providence/Catch regions, from the other end of the guns.

Ill not beat around the bush with big add if you want pew pew we have plenty to go around my alliance is npc null so none of the sov grind and none of the CTA CTA CTA we play for fun and RL come first

Come check us out in Into the Ether. We are a Mostly USTZ Sov-Nullsec based corp living in Scalding Pass.

o7 hit up Its_Stunt on discord if your interested in WH space

Hey Alasdair Kreoss,

Are you looking to stay within the Imperium?
I would love for you to consider Project Omega Industries, under Shadow Ultimatum out here in Esoteria.
However, with respect to your post and your desire, I am not sure if we are what you are looking for. Might just be more of the same… but, I guess that depends on your perspective.
Shadow has only held this space for about a year and we are still building, which may provide you the angle and opportunity to get something new without having to step so far?
I will hit you up in game and send you a message and I would love to chat with you if you are willing to take the call.

Chat soon!

Hey man. Im the CEO of Legion Ascending, a nullsec corp in the Gentlemen’s Club alliance. We are an PVP and industry focused corporation who is focused on providing content, isk and buddies to play EVE with. We are more worried about providing a fun and profitable environment for a bunch of dudes to play EVE in.

We have all the things as far as content goes no matter what you like to do in EVE. Plenty of isk to make, plenty of ships to blow up.

Come to our discord and have a chat with us. See what you think.

check out us or another corp in SLOW. We are active in null, low and NPSI