C5 site to Solo astrahus Leshak

C5 to Solo leshak vs Astrahus

So this starts off as a fleet to do a c5 combat site. I bring a lashak on one account and a Nestor on another account. The sites goes very good until we fight the drifter which we end up losing our cap chain and having to warp away, at this point I’m a little panicked because my Nestor blew up in warp but my leshak was still ok, we exit warp at a wh I jump through on both accounts and as I look the wh closes and I see my capsule and leshak setting there. We had warped to a wh we had crited before, we started the site and now I am stranded in this random c5 wh with my probe scanner in my cargo hold in the leshak and a capsule from my Nestor, so earlier in planning this I knew I had the nestor so I took my mobile depot out of the leshak. So I’m about to just self destruct my leshak since they are no way for me to get out but instead I see a astrahus in system I warp to it try to dock and can’t, so then I realized it was in low power mode so I start shooting it before long the shield and armor are gone and now I have a timer. So fast forward to today I almost missed the timer due to real life stuff but made it back from my phone with 4 mins left and start shooting it I do this for a little over a hr hoping something drops to let me fit my probe launcher or something that can scan. So I blow the astrahus up it drops a buzzard and a lot of other stuff I scan a exit hole and my Corp comes in to help haul stuff out lol… So my leshak was able to solo a astrahus out of a mistake to find my way back home. Also thanks to all the Corp members that helped out hauling stuff out of the wh…https://zkillboard.com/kill/81754555/


Good to see sandbox from time to time around all that hate and min/max we get around nowadays.


nice story, but, please, next time… TAKE SOME BREATHE between your sentences. Hard to read it


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