Pirate FOB: Raiders

Well, isn’t that interesting. I didn’t realize the FOB pirates were that ambitious (they took a poke at one of my citadels). First time a FOB has spawned in that system.

Solar System: «redacted»
Attacked object: Astrahus
Current Shield Level: 100%
Current Armor Integrity: 100%
Current Hull Integrity: 100%
Aggressing Pilot: Guristas
Aggressing Pilot’s Corporation: Guristas
Aggressing Pilot’s Alliance: Guristas Pirates

I went to check it out and sure enough, 3 Guristas frigates were attacking it.

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I’m not 100% sure but I think they have enough DPS to kill a low power mode citadel. Quite a number of posts about FOB’s and cit’s.


Nope - they didn’t even scratch it. I decided to take them out to stop the messages every hour and it was quite easy. They just ran around the Astra in circles so I sent a bunch of drones to chase them down. They didn’t even fight back (nor did they call for reinforcements).

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Could be worse:

they get stronger the longer the fob is around. they also start going out into near by systems

for example if you look at that km you will see a cruiser rather than just frigates

leave them alone long enough and they will RF high power but it would be bad luck to get them to warp back for the timer twice in a row

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they have been like this since FOBs were put in :smile:

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