Pirate FOB do they attack L4 missions and Ice Belts?

I cannot find info one way or another but keep hearing they will come into your missions and destroy you and will also show up in high sec ice belts in addition to the normal static belts in system. Is this true where is the info on this?

Also was told they attack player citadel too without mechanic and can destroy them in less than 15 minutes even if your invuln timer is not active.

Wow. This seems nuts.


pirate FOB?

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FOB = Forward Operating Base. Yes, they will attack regular asteroid belts, and citadels. I haven’t seen any in an ice anomaly or mission yet.



They were designed to destroy abandoned citadels. So, similarly to Low- Nul-Sec pirates, you should bring like an ‘Astrahus Signature ass’ to bring their attention.

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ok they keep telling us in chat they come to ice belts very much and also scan down your missions. hrm maybe wrong info but i could not find CCP posting with specifics.

Also attack citadel and shoot it up in 10 minutes seems bad.

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Ive seen this happen. It was a punisher attacking an astrahus…lol I warped to it, the punished warped away then warped back and fought me instead. Tough little bastard too.

A lone punisher… Captain must have had balls of steel.

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If they did I’m sure these forums would be filled with rage threads.

And I haven’t seen any rage threads posted.

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Can confirm they do attack Citadels, had a group of 4 Blood Raider Punishers attack ours lol


But do they destroy it? In very quick time too?

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Sure, I’ve seen threads posted about Citadel’s being attacked but not destroyed within 10 minutes. Also doesn’t the Citadel go into reinforced mode which makes it invulnerable for a set amount of time?

If there was no one online to man the guns and it was in low power, yes they would of had the dps to kill it. If not in low power it would go into reinforced but would take them a while I would of thought. Should be enough time for someone to notice and log in and shoot them. will check my strucure mails when I get home, It will let me see how long they was attacking it for before it went below 1/3rd shields.

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No way in under 10 minutes, I had at least 15 notifications before I got to log in and sort it out. Think 15mins per notification?

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What I was told in game channel was they do not have to follow the reinforced mode mechanics. Just show up shoot and blow it up. :frowning:

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if that’s the case they should be running around with a bigger group for stations, its more of like incursions, if your a miner you better move systems for a bit. I lost my Mackinaw due to being warp scramed on the warp spooling up on the way out.

It has happened. Rare, but possible:

That second one in particular is funny. One little punisher did 16 million damage.

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lol where did you get that from, they only attack people with negative standings towards their corp, so guristas will hunt people with a negative guristas standing, they aren’t designed to attack low power citadels although if the owner has terrible guristas standings they will probably attack it regardless of its power state

Yes this is what people keep telling me. They will come very quick and destroy citadel in under 30 minutes and not have reinforcement or anything. This is very concerning.

A lot of people talk out of their ass. Without proof, be sceptical of this sort of claim.

In both those killmails linked, it’s literally impossible for those kills to be <30 minutes.

There’s also no evidence that reinforcement timers were skipped.

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I have a very bad standing to Blood Raiders, like -8.0 or below. I’m a Blood Raiders antagonist :upside_down_face:. It didn’t forced them to attack me in Ammarian space, not in High-Sec, not in Low-Sec. I remember, I was in a system with two Blood Raider Outposts by doing missions, Combat Anomalies and Combat Signatures for hours and none of them attacked me. IDK. There are rumors that their scouts roaming Asteroid Belts mainly.

About FOB mechanics vs citadels I read somewhere. I don’t remember. But think by yourself, how they works system to system. I remember, like 7 months ago there were tons of abandoned small citadels everywhere in Hi- Low- WH-space and since FOB almost of them are gone. Damn, I remember a citadel (with half of modules installed), where I was able to take control over it. Think about mining NPC rats in Hi-Low Sec about this spring nerfs to citadels status and Tethering.

It’s definitely a CCP Fozzie Meta!

They did shot up one of citadel in system here. Many ask local for help to combat.

5 blood frigate do 15,500 or more damage per shot, all shield gone in couple minute but defended by team.

They not have follow to the reinformcent timer so most citadel if not people online to defend gone in under hour.