Guristas FOB Tips?

Looking for any advice regarding assaulting a guristas fob I have looked around the web and alot of info is out of date due to patches.
I know I need high thermal resists and my plan was 3 domis with remote reps/cap warping outside of neut range and clear the defence fleet.
I have heard however that there is a new mechanic where they spawn wave after wave of reinforcements making this a futile tactic ?
Can anyone confirm or advise as I would really like to try out this content.


They scale with number of ships, and constantly reinforce. I used to kill them in a quite bling Rattlesnake solo … but this doesn’t work anymore because of two reasons:

  1. resists nerf (it would just take too long now)
  2. warpable beacon … every i*** warping in will get you killed because of additional ships spawning (used to be a combat scan site, shame on you CCP)


WTF? They changed FOBs so that you don’t have to scan them? As for the additional ships: Have you tried waiting for the additional spawn to disappear before you go back? At least in the past when the FOB spawned these 20 Cruiser hell spawns, I could warp off, wait 5 minutes for them to disappear and then go back. Is that not possible anymore either?

You can’t warp off if you are scrammed, and you are most of the time. And yes, CCP changed it to a alltime visible beacon.

:red_circle: Lovely, so now you even have to pay attention to loot thieves.

Do FOB rats actually scram now? Last time I tried that crap I could still MJD away and then warp off with my ships.

CCP really knows how to make a nuisance even more annoying.

Not the FOB rats themselves, but the roaming fleets coming to aid, which happened to me 90% of the time.

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They are doable but you should mitigate your risks as much as you can.

Scout the system and account for people. Having anyone warping to the FOB will draw a spawn. Watch local too.

Use a covert-ops ship and combat probe the FOB, you want to put a few bookmarks there. One or more beyond neut range (>275km) where you can deal with the FOB spawn before hitting the structure.
Put another at your optimal range.

Whatever ship you choose, have a mobile depot, mobile microjump unit, and drones to refit. Microjump unit is backup#1

I also recommend an alt in a throwaway “hero” ship that can warp to the FOB if you need to evac. It should have at least one offensive module +drones. This is your backup#2.

Most people use the passive Rattlesnake it seems. I have done both faction FOBs sniping with a Golem at 280km. Takes longer, but I have less issue with the response fleet that spawns from the Hauler at the FOB. I can ignore the ECM from the Guristas, thx bastion. If I get the multiple Osprey spawn I usually warp out and wait for a better spawn the next attempt.

Oh, and have a hauler ship for the module drops if you succeed.

Loot is not worth the risk and effort IMO. Your setup already contains 4(?) accounts?

True. Some people just want to try it as an accomplishment.

I do it to clear a system for mining. I need them ores to build.

Definitely not isk positive, my ammo cost more.

What drops from these things after you beat it? Skins? BPCs?

They drop ‘standup’- citadel modules and sometimes a faction mod for citadels.

Fascinating. That is something I want even less than skins. Bleh.

Thanks for the replys. The main reason for attempting this is two fold. There is very little content in our part of space so trying to get people more engaged and do something new. Secondly we have alot of new players that the random spawn diamond rats be problematic for.
Current setup is 4 RR domi using drones as damage with a frigate to hopefully pull some of the fleet to an asteroid belt. However I’m getting more interest then expected to unsure what to bring additional to this for the extra players that will be more beneficial in respect to the extra spawns …

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