What do?

I’ve decided I want to take down a strcutre in HighSec, because the owners are annoying ****** and I do not like them.
So far so good.
Since the structure is in HighSec, I had to wardec their Corporation -> Did that.
I started bashing the structure, pushed it through the first timer (solo) no problem.
Once the armor timer is about to run out, I expect defenders to show up. But they don’t.
I’m confused, but go about bashing anyways, when a Machariel shows up and starts bumping me.
I fly off 150km+ of the structure and thus go out of range.
Still in HighSec so I cannot shoot back. (The Mach is in a 3man-corp)
I try to wardec the mach-guy, buut “this corporation is not war-eligible”.

What do?
I cannot bash the structure, because he’ll just bump me off.
I cannot kill him without a war, because it’s HS.
I cannot use a war to kill him, because it’s a non-eligible corp.

Most people just evade the bumps. I hear that the Higgs anchor rig sort of works for this. Or, you can warp around to pings on grid. Structures aren’t supposed to be easy to blow up using a single ship, with no fleet at all.

Or, you could do the macho thing, bring a gank Megathron, and find out if he remembered to fit his ship for combat.

Warping around doesn’t work.
He can literally fly all the way around the station in like 20 seconds.
I’d have to constantly warp, which would lose me too much dps and probably allow the citadel to repair.

higgs anchors, huh? Interesting idea I might try this.
Well I’m trying to figure out his fit rn to just gank him with an alt next time he comes around, but no success so far and I’m not going to waste a ganking BC/BS if I don’t know I can actually gank the target

Just try flying at 90° angles to him - even if he can hit you, it won’t be a good bump. Put a MWD on your ship so that you can make it difficult for him.

This is some actual useful advice, thanks!
When I googled “what to do about bumping” or similar, I’d only find advice for freighters like “web yourself on an alt” etc.
But my problem isn’t being bumped out of alignment, it’s being bumped out of range.
Thanks I might try some of these ideas!

I have zero experience with the Higgs anchor. It comes with some very unusual drawbacks.

I’ve used it in orcas before (basically to lower my own speed when mining, allowing me to stay on the same rocks longer) so I know what I’m dealing with.
I’ve just not had the idea to use it in this context, but a +100% mass should cut the bump-distance in half so yes, good idea!

If you go that route, you might also fit some armor plates to maximize the “bonus”.

Less DPS = more time spent on-grid => more time where I can potentially be bumped off.

I would just gank the guy. Consider it this way - you don’t like this corp - so you are trying to blow up their structure. They have given you a Macharial to blow up, too.

Not the same corp.
I’m suspecting it’s not even an alt, but a guy they paid to ■■■■ with me

Riight so I tried this and… ganking not possible because he’s tethered on the structure.

He can bump you while tethered? He sounds elite.

Of course he can? I’m within short range of the structure and he has and MWD and a bunch of nanofiber.

use droens…

Not enough DPS.
I have to stop repair and I’d also like to be done before I get bumped out of the 300km drone-range a domi can reach.

Maybe hire people (and/or alts) so one or even several bumpers can not prevent structure destruction?

A few alts in AB polarized catalysts, set to orbit and fire, would make the Mach’s job much harder.

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just chillin

Marauder, siege on. Voila, bump immune.