Bumping ships with highspeed

While in Jita now for several days, it came to my attention, that there are several “fools” trying to bump into ships with their highspeed to kick them off from the station entry range, especially during duels where they are not involved.

While I agree that this is a good tactic to push someone out of the “safe zone”, it should definitely do some damage on both ships. Sounds logical? (bumping with 5k speed into a standing ship doesnt make any damage sounds more stupid to me)
Means, that even when you cant get CONCORD involved, due to some complicated game mechanic calculations (who is aggressor and who is innocent, who was on an “attacking course”, was it an accident?) , there should be a “Temporary Warning Period” (highsec only) for the ships involved when a specific speed limit has been exceeded for the ships that exceded this limit. And when this happens again during this period, either the bumped ship get the possibility to safely attck the bumper, or CONCORD does the job.

Either way, there should be a possibility to defend ones ship against such a direct aggression in a timely manner. Dont you think so?

I am confused. Nowhere is safe in New Eden. Why can’t you just shoot the ship bumping you, or if you prefer, bump them right back?

Besides, station games are terrible. Bumping the risk-averse out of docking range is good for everyone.


Because CONCORD kills you if you attack the Bumper and its hard to bump back, when you have a slow BS and the other a highspeed Destroyer/Cruiser and as long as he isnt involved in the duel with you, you cant do anything

So you just won’t shoot the bumper, not can’t.

Given the range of battleship weapons, bumping one seems unlikely to affect the outcome of a duel very much, other than perhaps pushing it out of docking range. I guess that is a problem if you intend to cowardly flee a duel, but otherwise it seems a non-problem.

You could try a more nimble battleship to avoid the bumping, or you know, not just fight on the Jita undock. I think though you’ll find though that if you arrange to fight on a more quiet station, those bumping ships will follow because they are involved what with being allies/alts of the person you are fighting.

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I think you just dont get it. Its not about any kind of duel or even fight, battle or war that happens. Even just standing and watching there and do nothing and some fools can bump you kilometers off w/o any consequenses.

It is not acceptable that this can happen and you cant do anything, because you get consequenses - the only thing that is possible is to do “blah” to avoid the bumper. This is also not acceptable, that these fools can force you to do “blah” you dont want w/o to fear consequenses

It shouldnt be too hard to code some kind of aggression recognition, when you take the difference in speed into calculation (first time a warning) and when this repeats within a certain amount of time, the aggression is detected and the consequense can start - be it a safley (w/o getting concorded) attack on th aggressor by the bumped ship or the aggressor gets concorded

On the other side, the bumping ship could take a lot damage, depending on the own speed and the size of the “victim” he tries to kick off.

For me it sounds like a fair solution

I get it. Bumping is a normal and intended game mechanic that affects larger ships:


Should there be some way to respond to repeated bumping without committing a criminal act? Maybe, but it isn’t going to happen likely because it is technically infeasible to determine with certainty who is bumping and who is being bumped. Even if there is a small chance of mis-assigning the blame, it would be used to make people go suspect against their will and to gank people without CONCORD getting involved., or if they took damage, explode ships directly.

Personally, I think it is a good counter to people trying to fight people without risk next to a station though. Even if it were somehow possible to make some go suspect for bumping, I would hope there would be an exception for a good couple bumps to get somone off the undock and continue a fight that had started.

The higher the bumpers ships speed is, the farther away he can kick his victim off. Bumping at low speed isnt even worth to talk about. The speed matters and the speed should solve the problem. The higher the difference in speed is, the easier is it to recognize the aggressor.

While it is very hard to get into a way of a high speed ship to force him to bump you, its very simple the other way around, so the aggressor should easily being detected. Also a warning period should prevent misdetection and gives the possible aggressor time to overthink his behaviour.

Is it?

Not only would it circumvent the safety settings by adding into the game a way to explode others in highsec without CONCORD retribution, such a rule change would be near useless. Either you make the damage so high that a single bump explodes the ship (and have interceptors and other fast ships exploding all the time as they accidentally bump into something) or you have it do a less catastrophic amount of damage that will just be repped through, either with local repair or remote repair and ships will still be bumped.

Neither damage nor suspect flagging is a viable solution which is way it has not be implemented. Nor do I think such a change is necessary just so people can avoid the consequences of a fight they started that has turned against them.

Fit a MJD on your battleship. Jump 100km, then warp out.
Problem solved.

So some fool with MWD cruiser harrassing around forces me to change my BS setup w/o taking any consequenses on his own? What a stupid way to solve the problem…

When someone thinks he can fool around, harrassing people, it should be possible to make him responsible for his actions - in a game way and not by sending a request to CCP

That’s the game, fella.


In its current state, yes.
Currently it is:
“You want some?”
“Yep, but hey you cant do anything :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
“Ok, then I go somewhere else”

You want some? You get some! Thats the way it should be handled…

Get off the station with your lame dueling tactics. Station games are worse than bumping games, imho.

Wanna duel? Go meet at Planet X, or the Sun.


Instawarp bookmark on the undock.

Why didn’t you google to check if this topic has come up a million times already? You would have realized that every single thought and post this one gives birth to, would just be a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of all the others.



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I offer 100 Million ISK for OP’s head.
Offer applies only to known forum dwellers.
Proof needs to be posted on the forums.

This wouldn’t end well, especially for people such as yourself.

Any attempt to do what you suggest would be abused to hell. I can think of at least two nefarious uses for bumping causing damage to both ships off the top of my head; and you wouldn’t like either of them.

Adapt or die.

/me deploys Tear Collection Array II


Not only no, but hell no. Bumping is the only tactic we have (besides outright ganking) against mining bot fleets. If I’m in an ice anom and I see an Orca, a Charon, and 10 skiffs all within inches of each other, you’re about to become my next game of space pinball…

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Yah, bumping needs a rework. Not much you can do to counter them during the process except get pushed around. Bigger ships should just be like “nah man”, turn into them and watch them blow up on their hulls (or make them bounce hard back). Would force some thought before just going high speed at any target you want to move. This would also allow for the “bumper” to accomplish the intended goal… stop you doing w/e it was you were doing. This would also give you some sort of counterplay to the current system, which would allow people paying attention and doing some nifty piloting to redirect their aggressor and potentially blap them from range/warp off/laugh.