Bumping needs a suspect status penalty

I was mining with my orca just now and didn’t notice someone entered the belt. This guy started bumping me and I was quick to realize what was happening. However he could bump me at 3000m/s which is way faster that drones or orca can fly. And if you are not multiboxing or having a really good alliance there is absolutely nothing you can do to counter this after he has started.

My nerf suggestion would be that bumping should cause suspect status if done to a player outside of fleet, because as of right now I can’t even deploy dps drones to attack this guy because he doesn’t even have suspect status.

Please save your comments about “you shouldn’t afk mine” As I said I was quick to realize what happned but at that point it was already way too late. If you disagree please keep to the subject which is bumping mechanics and explain to me why it shouldn’t be a suspect status act. Thanks all

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If CCP listens to you then the Jita undock will become a much more dangerous place.


Care to elaborate?

Not all bumping is intentional.

Also, the griefers would just arrange themselves so that “innocents” would bump into them - so that they could be fired upon without Concord getting involved.


How would you distinguish between someone who is actively bumping vs someone who passively hits several ships when innocently aligning outside a very busy hub?


I think I am confused, Im pretty sure he used some sort of module, cos he was really far away from me while still applying me to go 3000m/s away from my drones. If there is no such module then how on earth did he do it? And even tho I tried to stop the ship and turn towards my drones that wasn’t practically possible at all.

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Just a MWD - possibly an oversized one for size of his/her ship - short burst and whacks you at speed.

EDIT. They then stop, you don’t. Until you apply your own sufficient propulsion.

You do realize that if you try to warp away, after 3 min you should successfully warp away.

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Okay, then bumping with high speed to the same target should give suspect status. I mean in what way is it not a punishable act if you do it over and over again.

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Yeah and I would lose my 200mil drones

Don’t mine with an orca. Use an actual ship made for mining. The orca isn’t a mining ship

Completely irrelevant comment, please stay in the subject. If you can’t then just shut up.

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Which would be seen by many as legitimate gameplay and a reason to allow bumping to continue. That might seem counter intuitive, because it means they are thieving and would be criminal in RL. But, not in a sandbox.

The game isn’t going to differentiate between bumping into someone undocking or hitting an object while flying. Bumping is here to stay. No suspect status needed.

Don’t mine with a orca


I am not saying that bumping should be removed from the game. I am saying that this mechanic is unfair because it has no proper counter play since the “attacker” doesn’t even get a suspect status so you can’t defend yourself in any given way except warping out and effectively giving him your drones.

And such mechanics should not exist, because it’s closer to exploit than actaul gaming mechanic

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As I said if you can’t keep to the subject please do not comment anymore. I am flying orca because im multiboxing with a fleet. Now stop talking about mining with orca that is not the subject Im here to talk about. Please get that through your thick head.

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It’s been declared as a no exploit, warping away after 3 min is the counter to bumping. It’s not hurting you, no damage to your precious whale ship. Get over it

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Is there a way to block this guy in the forums? Im tired of him attacking me just because I fly orca and he doesn’t like people who fly orca. His judgement is totally beside the subject and he can’t stay objective due to his personal issues with people who fly orca

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I accept that.

Unfortunately, that is not true. It is doubly unfortunate that one solution is to use a “proper mining ship” - certainly a smaller and more agile one. At the ridiculous level, a venture which is orbiting with full AB on will likely never be hit. The middle ground of using a barge is that it might be hit but without drones to lose. And with no drones, the warp out option is back on the table. Just move elsewhere. You don’t have to like it, but option is there.


Lol. Your first sentence was about the orca, and mostly the rest of your drivel was about wanting to change a game mechanic that has no need to be changed.