Looking for protection

I am a new player and my friend who is a long time Vet of this game is showing me the ropes. Someone is currently attacking our station and I am seeking protection as she works hard in this game and this is killing her drive to play. If this is the wrong place to post I apologize.

Well, protection usually costs a fair bit of money. But, you never know.

Anyway, options will depend on who is attacking you.

If it’s one dude (apparently, there is at least one solo dude who goes around bashing structures), then you can try harassing the hell out of him. Not sure if you want to try killing him or not, but you can do things like use griffins to keep breaking his spool.

If it’s 20 dudes, however, you’re probably better off cancelling any industry jobs and moving everything out before you have to pay an asset safety tax. You’ll still lose fittings and fuel on the structure, but this would lessen the sting a little.

You can also try snatching the core/fittings when it drops. Now, the difficulty of doing this can vary greatly depending on circumstances (i.e. how many points of warp disruption the enemy has, how big the core is, what ships you can fly, and so on). But, you can keep on trying if you want. If you use a cheap can flipper to go suspect (he’ll be the guy that dies), you can keep trying to steal cores from them whenever they try to bash anyone else’s structure. It will take a little intel work, but it’s definitely doable because loot thieves would sometimes show up to our hull timers (especially if the structure was abandoned).

Anyway, don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose, and don’t anchor what you can’t afford to lose. If you want structure access, join a group that has structures, join a mutual defense pact with others (apparently some alliances exist specifically for this purpose) or use free ports (preferably owned by people that can keep their ■■■■ fueled and defended).

Anyway, I got to run. Don’t let this get you down. Try to learn from your mistakes and always get back up.

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FYI, dont get protection from CODE or SAFTEY. If they actually help you, they will keep you as target and attack you with neutral toons, so you have to hire them again.

Actual mercs are pretty rare and expensive. Its propably cheaper to just eat the loss.

I know its rought, but you dont deserve to have a structure, that you cant defend. You also dont need to have one, NPC stations are perfectly fine.

:laughing: that’s like deal making with the devil.

Provide details I might help out at 75% of the asset cost at risk.

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