as a solo player with 3 acc try to protect myself at my refinery is inpossible. have 2 pilots mining and the other in the refinery for protection and when I use my defences it wont even dent my enemy. and spent lots of isk for all the defences and they laugh at me need more power at the refinerys so it will maybe deter them from attacking so easy . a big refinery has less power than one ship don’t seem right.
THANKS from a dedicated player who spends lots of real money for enjoyment not frustration.

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Works as intended. Solo players are not meant to own/operate Upwell structures. Join a big enough player corp.

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Structures are force multipliers where your force = 0

You do the math

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who said who they where for a station should have more power than a single ship

I have evey defence there is to get

all most players want to do is kill don’t want to mine and build ships just kill

That’s good. Without destruction mining and production would be pointless.

Regarding defense, stations are not able to defend themselves against a serious attack. That’s by design to make setups like you want to have impossible to work.

ya but 1 ship that not right

Force = fleet

so you buy all these defences for a refinery but you cant even kill 1 ship that has to be fix .

you should not be able to buy all these defences if they don’t work on 1 ship

so they are force multipliers but its like bringing a fly swater to a elephant fight

Everything has a counter. Even a battleship can be killed by a frigate.

The main defense for a structure is the fact that it has 3 defensive cycles that require at least a half an hour no matter how much dps you bring. A solo subcap will likely need to shoot it for a couple of hours to burn through 4.8 million hit points. and there is a new module - Standup Layered Armor Plating - that makes it even harder to kill unless you bring a fleet.

I added a missile launcher, ballistic control and target painter to my Raitaru when the FOB rats started shooting at it. Total waste of ISK - a full magazine isn’t capable of killing a painted frigate. On the other hand - the rats weren’t capable of sustaining the dps needed to reinforce it so it would simply self repair while they shot it.

If somebody wants your moon - you’ll need a fleet to defend it but there are thousands of moons in New Eden - sell them your refinery and build somewhere else. Only a masochist is going to kill one for “fun”.


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