Solo Reactions Viable?

I was thinking about running reactions as a solo pilot. I was wondering, from those that actually do it, is it viable or will I be trying to defend my structure out of lowsec all the time? I was thinking of getting a tatara as well. Trying to get some input from anyone with some advice on how well it might work and if it’s going to be more of a pain in the butt than what it’s worth.

Not impossible but very difficult. Prime question is how will u defend ur structure? U could hire mercs I spose but I imagine the cost would be pretty high.

I’ve done some reactions and may return to them. My main 2 forays into this area have been instructive …

  1. I decided to use a public reactor, after doing some test runs I set up months of reactions with about 800 mill of materials, next morning the structure owner pulled the module and I lost the lot. So lesson learned, don’t use a public structure unless u have a relationship with the owner.

  2. I was in a business relationship with an alliance in NPC null, we were in discussions about me putting up an athanor for T2 & Gas reactions, basically they’d get free access and defend the structure along with their own. Region politics changed, under pressure from another alliance they collapsed so it all fell thru.

Next time I’ll prob use someone else’s structure but only after doing the due diligence.

That’s your issue.
Don’t go for more than 2days of reactions.
Even if people don’t remove the module, if someone wardecs the corporation, and reinforce it the first day of war, total time between wardecced and reinforce is 2days (1day wardec, one day between shield down and armor down).

in LS/NS it’s 1 day (no need to wardec). So only do 1day worth of jobs. With perfect skills you can start them from half the universe (25 jumps ?). So just start more jobs, every day at the same hour.

This was initially what I did, but the structure was pretty permanent and well defended by an active alliance so I thought I was ok. Unfortunately I was unlucky enough to start the “big run” just as they had decided to repurpose the structure. They had notified their regular users but had not put any notice in the structure bio. I was just unlucky but it did sting a bit at the time.

Anyway, hey-ho, wouldn’t be Eve without the setbacks to overcome.

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happened to me also, was used to 1-day run, then I need to go on vacation and start several tens of B worth of production for the week+ …
I come back, no structure. Welp.

Setting up in a WH with a high static could work, more effort but less chance of being blown up.


Wormhole structure is the best solution, find a hole that you can manage and setup your operation there.

Ideally a hole that has the right PI you need for your reactions.

If you can’t justify a citadel you can go starbase, only bugger with that is bringing in all the large structures and fuel to get it running and defended.

Let’s break this down into separate points.

Been there, done that. And failed. Still solo but now dual-box capable. Relevance is that makes me much more able to now mine and/or haul raw materials. And supplying yourself is one of the main things you will need to consider.

Forget that as a solo player. As @Stalter_Arjar pointed out, you do have third party combat options. However, if you are truly solo, successful defense of a structure is not going to happen. If you can multibox, then it could(?) be doable, but you would need proper PvP advice on that.

Interesting question. Biggest mistake I made by far was choosing wrong reactions. I also tried to sell outputs via my local hub. Couldn’t make a profit/ couldn’t sell.

You will already know this, but viability depends on market, your locality, and ability to supply raw materials based on both. @Anderson_Geten has a point about only doing daily reactions but I just did not find this practical. I found it viable to do weekly, but it is a risk.

Can’t afford one personally. And it’s a big target. It would solve a lot of issues though, having five service module slots, especially if you are going to locate it at a moon. Followed by mining, processing and reacting your own raw material. You would have to do the math though as to whether the base extra yield is actually worth the cost compared with a rigged athanor. (Probably, when you add defense and extra slots, but you need to know that for sure.)

Tatara will also dock rorquals whereas an athanor will not. Even as solo player that might interest you? (I can fly one as example, but never have.)

I suspect, 1) it’s going to be a pain in the butt, and 2) as a solo player it is probably still something you are going to have to try regardless.

Of the three athanors I deployed in low sec, all three were attacked by the same corporation. One was splashed, one was donated back to the corp I “borrowed” it from (after finding it drifting in space), and third was relocated. That third one was the longest survivor and also the one fitted for reactions. I actually asked the locals if I could put this one up and after some “teething” troubles that worked. However, the attacking corp left the alliance with which the locals also had a non-aggression agreement with, the locals subsequently sold up and moved and that left me stranded.

The attackers would probably have let me rent, but they would not let keep the actual athanor. Soooo, bottom line, I’m thinking that renting might be your better option? This is different from using public services, but your level of control might still be limiting. However, to make money from the vast network that some of these corps have, they would have to keep to their agreements or they would just not get the renters?