Solo Reactions, why not?

Why does EVE make it so difficult for a solo pilot to build things? No, I dont mind the complexity of the process, but…
I am trying to build a T2 ship on my own, Im not into setting up a production line for manufacture and profits. I just want to build my own for the satisfaction of doing it. I would prefer to be able to procure all the products my self, but that is virtually impossible to do. So I have settle for the prospect of buying my moon materials to do reactions, and then I can mine most of the minerals needed too. However there are limitations and difficulties in getting many of the rarer minerals.
Okay so now got my bps, reaction formulas, minerals, PI components, moon materials, etc.
SCREECH! Put the brakes on!!
I cant find any facility to do the reactions. What? Nothing in game to tell me about this. No warning on my formulas that say, nope cant do it. Apparently, you have to have an Athanor, anchor it, fuel it, install proper modules for reactions, AND put it in low sec where it can be killed. Its highly unaffordable to do this by yourself. The game is set up to force you to join a corps of industrialists, if they will have you, or set up manufacturing for multiple units to make it affordable.
Not to mention, all I want to do is run this set of reactions for this build. I might not build another one. I might try to build something else. But in the meantime, I dont need that athanor any more.

REQUEST: Make it possible to do small batch builds in game. You want to force people into pvp situations, fine, leave it in low sec, but give me a station facility to run reactions. Or some other small structure that can run reaction formulas.

Item Recommendation: Introduce a small structure that can run limited amounts of reactions before it “expires”. Somthing like a Mobile Depot that you can anchor, insert formula and materials, and then it will disintegrate if left in space too long.

All I want is the ability to build stuff as a solo player. Is that too much to ask for?


Because CCP wants everyone to work together in groups. Evidence is in the patch notes. Citadel cores, industry rework, even look at t2 capitals as of recent. All meant to encourage group ownership/collaboration.


Find a free port to do it in, it’s a whole lot better than what it was before where you needed a personal POS or 5 to react in, now you can use someone else’s structure.


Industrial corps are also your best bet to gain access to the reaction facilities/moon goo needed to be a successful builder.

You can do that without owning all the infrastructure.

Your problem is you are confusing solo and ALONE. You can do it SOLO. This game is NOT for playing ALONE.

You’re demanding the right to do it ALONE.

No. Not without overcoming great odds and putting in the energy that whole groups do.

Join a group and use your own time and toon SP to mine, refine, react, and produce your desired T2 ship in facilities they provide. You’re doing it solo.

If they have stipulations for using their infrastructure (ex: show up in defending it) well then that’s up to you.


If you don‘t mind paying tax to Snuff, you can easily react in Tama. At least this where I go if I need some if people messed with prices in Jita. Reaction stuff volume is usually small enough to fit into a BR or Sunesis, unless you mass produce.


eve online is an MMO, not a solo game.


Just buy the reaction products from the market, it’s not worth the investment to do reactions if you not plan on doing it on large scale anyway.

It’s just not a solo game like others have said. It’s like real life, you can be alone, but you can’t be solo. Just think of the kind of effort it would take for you to make a turkey sandwich, completely solo, in your life right now from scratch. It would take months and thousands of dollars. At some level you simply have to interact with the universe.


sorry, what? months and thousands of dollars?

what kind of turkey sandwiches are you eating lol, covered in eatable gold? :smiley:

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If you made it completely from scratch? Do you know what that entails? Completely solo? Better start growing grain, raising turkeys, growing tomatoes, getting chickens for the eggs for the mayonnaise, growing lettuce etc. Thats the difference between solo and alone. You can be alone in eve and real life, you can’t be solo.


As a RL supply chain manager major this makes me happy to see someone break down the various items.

The EVE supply chain is so complex!

Well, depends where you grow it and where you draw the line. For example, most of the things on the list should be done in less than 100 days and would not be expensive at all, couple of seeds, water, some food for turkey, except raising a chicken to produce eggs… But, you can also harvest eggs in the nature (find some wild chickens over neighbors fence, or use other birds eggs). But yea, kinda moot point discussing, one could also claim that you need to wait for evolution to create chicken first…

I am interested tho, in getting chicken for the eggs:
do you first get the eggs to get the chicken to get the eggs or do you get the chicken to get the eggs? :smiley:

His point was 1 person can’t run the entire supply chain by themselves and hope for efficiency. People want to do things by themselves with 0 contact these days and that is sadly not possible. In EVE or in RL. Everything is interconnected when things happen in NS it will eventually ripple to HS. and vice versa. Eventually OP will have to interact with people within the supply chain (working out deals for access/tax rates/protection.)

Your time is value also and that goes into many calculations in RL process maps.

Think of CCP games for example. They have limited dev hrs and limited $$$ to pay these devs. They will be looking to implement their vision that brings the most development/hype/artistic value to EVE online. They will not be focusing on the very small details or nothing that brings value. (Walking In Stations/EVE anywhere).

I mean literally, there is a field of study based on these business concepts. Perhaps the trillionaires and the large industrialists in EVE are the operations managers/supply chain managers in RL? :thinking: They understand these concepts of working together, optimizing process tasks, and so much more.

Waiting for "It’s just a game" reply. :laughing:


dear OP,
we wouldn’t be enjoying the level of complexity and the huge number of possible solutions in EvE if it were designed as a game where a SOLO player (to whom the presence of other players is completely invisible) can do anything and everything.

Yes, you can build a t2 ship. You can even build jump freighters in hisec. Reactions, however, are and always have been the exception - they require reactors, ever since the days of the old POS towers which also needed to be anchored in at least lowsec, fueled and defended.

Why is it designed that way ? t2 production is a high impact activity in New Eden - it produces some of the most powerful ships and weapons, not to mention their value and effect on the market. It may have crossed the designers’ minds that such an activity should be complex and part of a structured approach well away from relative safety. They even made it so that hisec production is financially inferior to non-hisec. Allow some small setups, as you request, to circumvent that challenge and you will see new crafty solutions to further reduce risk - the main factor that keeps balance between production and destruction - not to mention the effect that would have on the market.

There’s your definitive answer.


Thank you for the replies. Seems that my perspective on what a “sandbox game” is, is wrong. I always thought it meant that you had the freedom to play the way you wanted to play. But that is not the case. I finally realize that EVE is very limited, and that you MUST play in a corps, MUST join fleets, MUST play the way that “we” think is the best way to play EVE. An MMO MUST be played with other players or you are doing it wrong.
Except for those people who multi-box, thats not the same as playing solo, right?

I have seen so many “fleets” where pilots are named sequentially with the same name, so you know they are one person operating the fleet. Is that MMO or solo?

I have joined null sec corps before, and even though they have hundreds of members or more, its still likely that a single person is doing the building for a line of ships. The only advantage is the gathering of the input materials and access to facilities. Or access to those materials like moon goo, are limited and controlled to a very narrow style of play.

Otherwise, to those trying to address my actual concerns, instead of telling me I am not playing the game correctly, I did find a Refinery to do some reactions. Now its a matter of time! Holy crap, I cant imagine the assembly line that a person must have to make this profitable. It must be like a month of time for total build time from start to finish. Thats a string of constant reactions, components, and building.
But hey, I find satisfaction in the process, and learning the process, and working my way through the complexity. Its like a puzzle to be solved. What I dont like are the obstacles and limitations put into the game that force a very narrow style of game play.

So, if limiting profits is the concern to preventing a solo player from doing these things, mechanisms can be put into place so that the markets are not impacted.
Whats another valid reason for preventing this?
-“Its an MMO, you must join with other players, its the law.”
No, sorry, I dont see that as valid.

PS, I worry constantly that the owner of the Refinery will close it down and take all my expensive materials, potentially hundreds of millions at any one time. I empty all deliveries asap.

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Quit whining.

Everyone explained the barriers to doing it yourself. You see how expensive it is to maintain your own refinery in lowsec and pay for protection. Rather than doing it you’re complaining how unfair and expensive it is to do alone.

Duh, it’s balanced for group play. Costs amortize across numbers of players banding together. Do you go into other games and look at 2, 4, 5, 10, 30 man raid content and complain you can’t solo it? Stop acting entitled.


That is CCP’s general direction you are correct.

Now this is where business goals and gaming ideals clash. CCP needs more people omega. At the same time they want individuals to group up and so on. You are correct those people who multibox 10-20 people + and literally do incursions solo, WH sites, etc are solo players.
Remember multiboxing is not glamorous You’re doing more and more work with every alt you add, and efficiency is lost. Pretty great content when a fleet of 20 real players jumps on 1 guy controlling 20 accounts.

The reason we told you that the best idea is to join an industry corp because it takes a lot of work to fuel a citidel by yourself LOL. And not to mention in LS where any sizeable fleet can knock it over. A corp is better than a public station because YOU know how stable it is.

You’re hedging the risks with a group of people more people who have a stake in something the more they care about it.

Citidels cost billions to anchor. Need the core, Need 100mil in fuel each month, a fitting for it, and a way to protect it. Can you do that all by yourself? Sure! If you want to be exploited by the mercs you hire. The reason CCP included citidel cores is to discourage 1 person ownership.

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EVE is not solo game. Multiplayer must join guild & play w/t others & subscribe or get half the game waste your time spinning ships.

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