Is there a logical reason why reactions are in low/null space

This has probably been covered many times and if so I do apologise.
I have been playing on and off for a fairly long time. I mainly just do my own thing , have never been interested in PvP but am quite happy to pootle around and make my own, ships weapons etc run the odd mission etc. Since the Trig invasion began I thought I would make a bloackade runner (prowler).
So looked at the industry and as with certain minerals for T1 that have to come from low sec I am happy to pay the premium to somebody else, all the other I’ll mine myself. I run 5 planets. and so try to make what I need from this aspect.
So I purchased all the moon ore, purchased all the correct reaction bps, the helium/hydrogen etc BPs all the component BPS researched them all, (well most the cheaper components I paid for) got it all ready and then went to use the reaction formulas to find that it can only carried out in Low/Null space, what the HELL.
I completely understand certain minerals and other components being restricted to low/null but an actual manufacturing process, madness.
I can not as an individual make T2 tech.
Having to run everything to a POS in 4 space only being then to run the reactions then having to run it all back to where I manufacture for every component.
I am afraid I do not understand the lore , reasoning behind this. The basic minerals etc yes, but a manufacturing process !!!
I have played as a sort of old timey prospector, make my own gear as far as possible the stuff I cant, the raw materials only I will purchase , but I am not after instant need , If it takes me 3 months to manufacture the prowler , that is fine by me, but to run into a brick wall that forces me to head down to low space to carry out the manufacturing process, and what craft would I need to make all these runs carrying material, why a blockade runner, hows that for irony.
As there are only 4 possible sites within 25 jumps and only 2 can run all the different reactions.
I give up. So no T2.

The lore is that the empires banned it for polluting their space rivers
The reasoning is that it’s a special type of industry that can only be done in unsafe space

So we tear asteroids apart, make explosives, weapons, irradiated shells/missiles, that will leave spent uranium/plutonium floating around, large gas guzzling ships, mine planets, moons, blow things to kingdom come, and one part of the manufacturing process is banned :slight_smile:
So no backwater system with no one at home that can be used for this part of industry in high sec, you’ve just got to laugh at the absurdities some times.

For some reason, even though it’s lowsec we can’t use bomb launchers. Really sucks that all those AT bombers cough cough virtuoso cough cough can’t be fully utilized huh


Short answer: Because that’s how POSes used to work and they’re trying to copy most of that into Upwell Structures.
Long answer: Dunno, that’s just how it is. CCP probably decided that it was too easy to make reactions income in highsec.

Pro tip #1: Don’t buy moon ore. It’s a bear to ship and especially the rarer stuff will be massively overpriced as a result. Save yourself some hassle and just buy the moon goo.
Pro tip #2: There are the odd few public reactors in lowsec. You only need one that can do composite reactions. Polymer reactions are for T3 and biochemical reactions are for boosters.
Pro tip #3: You’re probably not going to accomplish a lot asking for changes based on self-imposed restrictions. Eventually you’ll want to accept that people are better off specializing in a few things and trading for the rest. Competitive advantage is real. Obviously the most important thing is fun/hour, but personally that’s not how I enjoy the game so that’s why I’m making this recommendation.


Certain activities are restricted to specific regions of space. There is nothing new about that and it’s the main reason Jita exists as the hub of a hub and spoke trading system. If you want to make T2, simply buy the advanced moon material (already reacted) in Jita and make your own advanced components. It’s profitable if you make large quantities in a bonused facility. For small quantities, simply buy the advanced components.

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But that is for wep use or ship size, the minerals etc understandable but not the actual manufacturing itself.
I remember the first Ice fields in high sec, so used to movement of the basic materials but to limit an actual process , seems a little unfair to say the least.
As it stands I don’t mind making a loss as it’s a game but the satisfaction of just making the ship or equipment myself as far as I can myself is the point for me. I could just go and buy the Ship itself and be done with it but that’s not what all my learning of the reprocessing skills , manufacturing skills , ships skills etc were for .
Thats all I was trying to put across that this one thing has nerfed my ability to make any T2 blues from the basic level up.

The POS reactor arrays were restricted to 0.4 security and lower. The new system simply maintains the status quo. It encourages industrial activity in higher risk locations and, because the raw material isn’t uniformly distributed, requires trade between regions - which has evolved into the hub & spoke system centered on Jita.

You can do your own reactions - you need make a deal with a lowsec group and accept some risk but, since the inputs you’ll need are distributed across several regions it’s easier to buy them in Jita so why not simply buy the fully reacted advanced moon material. For T2 ships, it’s unrealistic to try and participate in every link in the value chain.

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Bollocks. Perfectly realistic. Reactions use separate industry job slots.

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