Abaddon Blue print originals

Why are reactions required for Abaddon building when you cant even make reactions in Hight Sec apparently and only possible to make in Null Sec? what is the point in that? It’s just a battleship. Rather annoying for me being a High Sec pve player

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It’s to encourage trade between regions and to encourage horizontal production. If you want to be able to build the whole thing, you need to take more risks. There are plenty of public reaction structures you could make use of. Just pretend the low sec gates are all Uedama and scout them when moving stuff.


they are the reason why all battleships went from 200m to 400m-500m.

Tying the material requirements for battleships, T3Cs, and capitols together really raised the cost of Battleships and T3Cs.

Part of the “you can’t get everything you need from one place” initiative, to foster trade and specializing in focusing on a few things to sell/trade for the rest.

Of course, that only applies to Highsec, Lowsec, and WH/Poch space. Nullsec still gets everything except WH gas, but alas such is the state of industry.

this is a mmo
buy it, trade, it, make deals, steal it
stop being lazy


Reactions dont require NS, can be in LS (<0.4).

Use the Structure browser to find the nearest Composite Reaction-capable Refinery in LowSec (player-owned).