State of High Sec Indy

Before Scarcity started I could build well over 500+ ships/item with minerals mostly sourced in High Sec. I did a lot of trading and market interactions to run my small indy.

I decided yesterday to really look into what can be built with High Sec only resources. High Sec miner/indy players can only build the 4 empires’ frigates and destroyers. High sec can not even built Ventures with high sec only minerals.

High sec miners/indy players can build some of small hybrid charges, some of the small sized projectile charges, and all rockets/light missiles.

High sec can not build 1 Frequency Crystal with high sec sourced minerals.

Ya, ya , ya. CCP think we should trade and pass 80%+ of the isk value of item to other players to buy none high sec minerals but guess what? I am not doing anything for 20% of the isk value.

What I will do is cancel my sub and walk away. Nothing like a company deciding they don’t want your money any more.


can i have your stuff?

Oh wait……If its just crappy high sec stuf then no……. i dont want it.


Can I have your stuff?

You have to remember that scarcity was around becuase of Rorquals that broke the economy so if you want to compare modern day you have to compare it to before the Rorqual buff not before scarcity as that economy was already broken with dirt cheap minerals and over inflated isk.

Also there is a player market so just buy what ever you are missing… simple.

As long as you can still make a profit after buying stuff then what is the problem? If its a roll playing stubbon thing where you have to source every single part of something you build then stop being lazy and get your arse out of high sec simple once again.


Don’t forget the fleet of orca miners before. Gosh that was sad… I am VERY happy CCP made orcas truly support ships. Not ships that can mine MORE than barges.


Yea being in a position where you are forced to be in a super large ship just to compete only hurts the little guy.


Incorrect. You can get minerals from lowxsec/nullsec ores without mining there. Hint: item reprocessing.


How do you feel about the people who build in Low-Sec or Null-Sec and can’t build anything with only the ores found in Low-Sec or Null-Sec?


Sounds like you’re bad at industry. If you can’t buy all the materials and still make a profit, you’re not making stuff profitably, you’re using your time to subsidize poor building decisions.


ok bye.

I a profit is not the issue. The issue is that you have to give some one else 80-90% of the iski value of the items to make it.

That would like telling players it is ok to sell loot for 10-20% of it isk value. Ya, NO!

Then go mine it yourself, because it’s free when you do that right???

Prior to the change Orcas with 5 augmented drones with max skills could mine at a rate equal to half a max skilled Skiff. Guess what?

After the change an Orca with max skills in bastion and 5 augmented drones can mine at a rate equal to half a max skilled Skiff.

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As of this moment, using the default values on the Industry blueprints tab a Raven can be built with materials valued at 283,349,219 ISK. The amount of the non-high sec material is 168,879,275 or 59.6%.

Isogen is the bulk of the non-hi sec material cost which has shot up 150% since March 2022. Yes, Isogen has been a pain but there are many ships that use a far lesser percentage of Isogen. And mining for Isogen is not out of the question.

Bastion? Still it’s beside the point. There were literally fleets of “support command ships” Sorry my information was off. Thank you for correcting me. I am just happy CCP stuck with that overarching goal that the orca/purpose/rorqual are industrial support ships. Alone they are garbage but together with a fleet of barges etc they are awesome. There was so much crying over those changes, but I believe the mining ship rebalance was pretty clever and logical by CCP.

CCP has shifted HS industry from 100% all locally sourced minerals in HS. To about 30% mined in HS? 70% trading/PI. Honestly, I like how CCP included PI into ship building they really merged together many separate areas of gameplay. But anyways what I say to aspiring people who want to be industrialists for a profit is you gotta be a trader! Before it wasen’t so much NOW it’s more important than ever to know how the market works in EVE. Doesn’t matter if you do your building in HS/WH/NS/LS


Ok, so you found something that is 60% out going. Now add the isk investment for BPO, the research time, the research cost, the build cost+system index cost, and then the market listing tax.

if that 1 item is worth 80-90% why not go through a worm hole and go and search for that item it sounds like some amazing treasure that would be an adventure to go searching for.

Half the problem in eve is finding the treasure it sounds like you already found it.

BPOs are a capital asset, not something you use up. You can just buy BPCs for quite cheap.

You’re still not getting it. When you spend 90% of the value on materials/fees to make something, do you know what we call the other 10%? Hint: it starts with a P and ends with a “rofit.”


Peter Crofit? Kidding obviously but from what he describes is that out of all the materials needed that one material that isn’t in high sec is the one costing 80-90% of the total cost.

As he would mine what he can and buy what he can’t, so either he is manufacturing the wrong item for his location or he is mining the wrong stuff in the wrong area.


I was trying to make that point, I don’t give away secrets no more. … Going out exploring on the run and finding the high cost materials is time I find quite entertaining. If you are building ships that anyone can build with a bp and a trip to a trading hub, your competitors will make sure your profit margin is thin.