Indy/Mining needs fixed

I know this post will fall on CCP’s deaf ears but since scarcity started CCP have driven players from the game.

Adding reaction/etc to some of the building was good thing but the inputs required for those items is killing indy.

To build any freighter in the game Capital Core Temperature Regulator is 1B and the 16 G-O Trigger Neurolink Conduit are 244M isk. That is 1.2 billions of the 2.5B total material cost.

All of the Navy Faction Frigates have a single 16 G-O Trigger Neurolink Conduit. A 16 G-O Trigger Neurolink Conduit is 15M isk. That is 75% of the total build cost of the Navy Faction Frigates.

Indy and mining is broken. Indy and mining is still broken because CCP want it to be broken. If CCP did not think indy and mining was great/good how it is. CCP would have changed it.

CCP you can not see or understand or will not admit what you guys have done to the game. CCP better act fast while there are still players here.


As mentioned above, its over.

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You must be talking about the massive buff that is WASTE or maybe those indy cores the Orca/Porpoise got? Maybe you talking about those middle slots that got removed from shield tanking mining barges?

Oh you talking about those indy/mining changes that drove players from the game. All that trade that is not happening. Sure a little PI or reaction would have been ok but not when it is 60%-90% of the value of the item/ships.

Scarcity is what started killing the game but CCP lack of fixing those changes is what will continue the decline of EVE.

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Why? How?

You’re still not explaining why or how.

Hey look it’s the monthly Ash Beldrulf complaint post. :roll_eyes:


Mining did not get buffed massively. they added a lot more rocks and introduced waste . although some ships can mine faster than before it still takes loner to clear a belt and the prices have gone down thanks to all the extra ore and compression. the end result is more time spent on field for less isk.
meanwhile manufacturing was made horribly complicated and uses parts that cannot be build the must be farmed or bought. they backed off some from the original release but it is still painfully complex with taxes on every sub transaction.
you need to be part of a much larger group to keep your costs and production time down. we have lost a lot of buiders over this, not sure if there will ever be a recovery.


Waste is not taken from your mining amount, it’s taken from the asteroid node. Also it’s a mechanic that is ONE “down side” while with the same patch you got 27 million upsides.

They got more EHP overall, increased yield, increased oreholds, increased asteroids so you can mine more, you can now compress right in the belts and the core thing doesn’t matter because the orca pilot is afk anyway, like you’d actually make it away if gankers would come.

Like I said, it’s never enough.


How come you’re still here?


The over all EHP of two mining barges were increased. The procurer and every other mining ship received nerfs overall.

The lose of mid slots on a shield tanking ships just shows that CCP does not understand the game. Adding low slots to none armor tanking ships show CCP does not understand fitting ships. A lack of a pain module for Orcas and porpoises just show tta CCP out of touch and really does not understand EVE. Being able to bump a Orca or Porpoise with an act indy core once agains shows CCP does not understand.

The only upside that mining has seen since CCP Ratt piloting the sinking ship is Mining crystal work on groups of Ore. The compression in belts is trying to get players to risk more and lose more.

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No amount of mid slots is going to save you from a gank anyway. And if you look at most of the barge/exhumer losses on Zkill, most of them don’t even fit for tank. They fit for max yield and end up getting shanked because they are AFK…


I came back in November of last year because I got the lie Email. “Scarcity is over”. I am still here because I wanted to vote for CSMs to try to help make EVE better. I am paid up through November and if CCP doesn’t do something serious I am out.
CCP is driving players from this game.

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The mid slot only help with gankers. The mid slot loss killed the utility and shield rep. Procurers could kill battleship Null Sec NPCs before the balance pass. Not now. Who cares of the weakest two mining barges got 8-10% more EHP since they are still garbage. If they would have removed a low slot and gave all barges mid slots, it would have been ok.

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those additions to the building process of ships i am sure some are ok like capitals having some special things but a charon or any freighter should not need 2.5b in special stuff then its clear that the minerals are not worth anything cause you can not build anything meaningfull with them.

i know what their goal was with this stuff but well the execution of it just is horrible once more. like we should not make the rorqual a giant mineral printer and years later oh you guys we did a upsa and made the rorqual a gigantic mineral printer now we got to starve eve for a couple of years.


But isn’t this what the miners wanted when they cried bloody murder for CCP to end scarcity?




I guess it is because it took 10 to 15 minutes, about half of 5000m³ for that rock to be depleted. Don’t know about gas and moon mining, haven’t got that sophisticated yet.

If your ideas are so great why not run for CSM yourself?

I’m sure everybody’s going to miss you.

Not my problem. Less players more for me, lol.

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This is not true, with fw you can either buy a bpc and build a faction ship for 30/50 mil or buy the t1 hull and do a trade in for 15mil? why the discrepancy?

Bad planning / math by CCP is the only answer.

Either that or they think if they leave it long enough people will sell gas for 1/5th of its current cost which would just be silly and will not happen unless they made gas much more abundant.

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Why not play on the test server then you will have everything to yourself.

The Proc now hull tanks, which is GREAT because it allows you to fit a prop mod to make up for its lack of speed and atrocious alignment time. Perhaps it’s you who doesn’t understand the game.

Uhh yes this is EVE, a pvp sandbox where we have risk vs rewards: if you want to mine with 8 accounts and make bazillions “in peace” then you’re going to have to risk stuff. Just like mission runners, explorers, pvpers, haulers and (gas) miners outside high sec. What a weird concept, man these PVP sandbox MMO devs really don’t understand how to make a single player grind game for lazy people!


Maybe just learn how to play?

This is why I support single account only :smiley:

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Because I don’t have tact or patience to deal with CCP.

I am sure CCP will miss my money. As for missing me, NO but the 50-70% of players left already, I sure they are.

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