How CCP stopped me from playing my game style

This post is meant for CCP as feedback and show other players how CCP can change your play style and make years of work pointless.

I was a high sec indy, miner and capital manufacturer before Scarcity aka b4 CCP Ratt’s new economy.

Since scarcity started I have not made one ship or item to sell to the markets.

Before scarcity you could reprocess ships and get 50%+ of all the minerals that it took to build ships. This allowed smart players to find ships/modules that were selling for below 50% of the mineral wealth of ships/modules. You would reprocess the ships/modules that no brain players built or listed to the market. We were laterally making isk reprocess stuff and making sure the market prices of all items were rewarding for the miners and manufactures.

Can not do that any more.

You can not build items at a reasonable mark up and more because no brainers have flooded the market with way under valued items.

CCP changed all the minerals in the ore. Which devalued miners and manufactures’ time. This lead to the modules/ship increasing in price by 20-800% depending on the item. The increased items prices devalued everyone time playing the game.

The game is broken, the economy is broken and every MER since scarcity shows it. It is time for a healthier game.

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I used to solo ice mine but I stopped when I could not compress it and I was too lazy to haul it to get the glare crust :drooling_face: :drooling_face: compressed. I am sad but I don’t complain. Frankly, I like the new BP mats and these changes. Indy is so much more now beyond just MINE ORE--------BUILD SHIP Right? Now you need to mine ore, do PI, react materials, have compression logistics.

Adapt or die.

Yah injecting 25 plex to every active account within the last 3 years was quite a bad idea. Now plex is what? 3bil for 500? It’s going to remain high for awhile.


CCP destroyed everything pvp in highsec with War Hqs. (which created TTT) They then destroyed remaining business with the removal or Sotiyos to make it even worse. They make very bad decisions and then make even worse ones later… and now they are going WOKE. They are now on par with Blizzard for being their own worse enemy and destroying everything previous players and devs worked to create.

I used to run corporations that members have said “This is the most fun I have ever had in a game”
I can no longer do that.
I used to produce 2-3 trillion in monthly revenue and spend 10 billion a week to create content for others.
I can no longer do any of that,

There are only two citadels in game that can compete business-wise with nullsec now. Tama and Ignoitten. Both systems camped by Lancers now.
Congratz CCP. You have become the new Blizzard. Everyone I know has quit or is irrelevant. I wont even log in anymore due to censorship on the forums and the constant downward spiral your game is on which is self-inflicted.


It’s okay. I picked up the slack:

One man’s loss is another man’s gain.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Did you try highsec NPC station with minimal index? Tama is only ahead if it’s about time and reactions. Total cost-wise it’s on par with highsec.

As somebody being regularly in Tama, the Lancer threat is vastly exaggerated.

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Monthly Ash Beldrulf complaint thread making a return? Can’t say I’ve missed it.

Edit: People are flagging this as “off topic” and it got hidden which means a moderator actually looked at my message, but if anyone actually participated in the forums and was in touch with it the topic at hand is exactly what Ash Beldrulf has been complaining about for years at this point, and it’s not just me that notices, and Ash never ever follows up nor takes advice of anyone in the thread and otherwise doesn’t participate meaningfully in the community:

Continuing the discussion from State of High Sec Indy:

And this has been repeatedly verifiable behavior:

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The kicker? The above ones are listed in the forums. Ash‘s others have been unlisted to cover up the sheer breadth of his complaints, so you have to save links to them because otherwise they are not discoverable:


I had to use RedFrog Freight for the first time in months yesterday.

Things just need change and everyone can adjust if they really want to.

Yessir, I run over 1000 jobs at all times so you can imagine the difficulty in explaining the details and numbers behind it all. Small scale, im sure its fine but thats the heart of the issue really.

Io can you repost so I can read what you wrote.

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My policy is to not buy if I think it’s too expensive. I wanted to buy a destroyer but couldn’t find a reasonable price. Guess what, the only destroyer I have was given through log-in rewards. Once that one is destroyed and I can’t find another at reasonable price I will just fly corvettes until I do. I don’t care if it’s two years from now. I don’t NEED to play EVE, I just like playing it but I’m not going broke for any game.

@Ash_Beldrulf If you really feel the way you do in your OP then I wonder why you play EVE. And if you don’t play it anymore then I wonder why you’re sticking around in the forum.
If I’m not happy with a game I’m gone. I don’t continue to post on its forum.


That’s basic economics, in any economic system the no brainers will flood the market with under valued surplus. Regardless, some people are making isk, and if you aren’t, then you are doing something wrong. Have you tried ganking your competition?

I’ve been told that ganking is extremely easy.


Id like to play and enjoy the game. Thats why I keep up on the forums. Simply looking for hope and for CCP to make any moves that arent backwards. Thats prob the same reason Ash checks the forums, correct me if im wrong ofc.
Btw, its not just miners who think the ore is free so they can sell the products for less than mineral costs.
Its also the nullsec buybacks combined with null bonuses that cause most of it. The huge null sellers simply want to convert the ore into product at rates that can sell and meet revenue needs. They are also willing to accept simply mineral values or slighly less. This is another effect of CCP not knowing what they are doing. They do not run massive businesses in huge scales and have no idea whats actually going on.


:rofl: That’s a good one. Thanks for the laugh!


I’ve made it more on-topic, which means pointing out with evidence his whining pattern of behavior here.

Just drops a whine post and leaves. Despite having tons of things explained to him over the years how he could adapt to the changing universe, he ignores all advice and just wants to vent.


Making a thread and complaining that CCP stopped him from playing the game isn’t merely “checking the forum to see if CCP makes any move that isn’t backwards”.
I can understand checking for anything new but news about EVE can be found on lots of websites. I don’t think it’s coincidence that he “checked” on this website.
I don’t think the rest of your post is destined to me. I didn’t mention “free ore” or "nullsec’s financial operations.

Without a doubt, CCP has proved conclusively over the past few years that it is not hesitant to make many controversial changes without looking at the opinions and needs of the players.

It used to be that playing EVE Online every day was part of my life. Playing gave me a lot of satisfaction. But after so many questionable changes to the game, and the poor content that was the Triglavian Invasion, the game no longer appeals to me. I expressed my dissatisfaction in the only sensible way I could - by not spending any more money on Omega or PLEX. And it will remain that way until CCP comes to its senses.

The problem is that CCP is at a crossroads today. It wants to continue the legacy of the old EVE universe - the ruthless and dreary realities of New Eden, ‘adapt or die’, ‘collect tears’, ‘vengeance’ and so on. Which suits hardcore fans and bittervets. After all, that’s what the game’s legend was built on. At the same time, it wants to open up to new generations of players and hopes to attract their money and long-term commitment. The new generations of gamers have a completely different mentality than people who have been playing this game for 15 or 30 years. It is an unimaginably difficult task for CCP, to create a new reality that meets the needs of two different generations. So far, CCP is not up to the task.


I agree with lots of what you said. Unfortunately, the results of your decision to stop playing or spend zero money has not worked to incentivize a change in CCP. They are worse than they have ever been right now.


So what about the miners whose minerals increased in value by “20-800%”? Has their time been devalued as well?


CCP stole my car and shot my dog… no wait that wasn’t me.

I guess they are doing all these things to tweak the economy. Once some guy named Rumpelstiltskin learns he can spin straw into ISK, they put an abrupt end to it. “Oh that Rumpelstiltskin is doing what?! We can’t have people getting rich without blowing stuff up. Put a stop to that right now.” Changes get made and people get mad. We just have to find the next good thing down the road, and keep our mouth shut tight about it. As soon as you let the cat out of that bag, he will be asking you for your boots and hat, and CCP will be pulling the pea out from that pile of mattresses you were sleeping on last night.

Wow that is insane. How can a person complain so much and stay so consistent! Thanks for the forum digging.