Can the CSMs please look into this

There is one CSM that is specialised in new bro’s I forgot their name thou but if you look through it you will find him/her. Also we where all newbro’s once in a different ecosystem thou.

Edit: The name of the CSM member is Kshal Aideron (Apparently a newbro, so you got your wish)
(Kshal Aideron for CSM 17 (the newbro candidate))


Yeah, that’s a pretty good point. I mean, I did industry as a newbro and couldn’t get everything I needed in HS back then either (nor did I want to gather everything myself). So, in order to get missing mats, I turned to this little know thing called the player driven market. It’s kind of crazy that more people don’t know about it. It’s probably Eve’s best kept secret.

Of course, it’s waaaaaaay to complicated for most newbro traders and industrialists to figure out. So, it’s probably best that we don’t tell them about it. I mean, the only reason I was able to make use of it is because I went to Yale Business school. Good luck to everybody else though.

Anyway, CCP is ruining Eve… and everyone’s moms’ lady parts.


I think you forgot someone. @Mike_Azariah is champion of newbros

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If players could get everything they needed in one area, then they would never leave that area or trade outside of it…

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OP does nothing but whine and cry over any industry changes. Just look at their posting history

Thanks, I thought he was high sec in general.

Hello, Kshal Aideron – a csm17 candidate that is NOT a vet. At my young 2 years and some months in the game I haven’t managed to procure the bitter and jaded achievement yet. :grin:

But in all seriousness, issues like these are why I’m running for CSM.

For enjoyment, I pvp and try to drag every non-pvper and new player along on my rookie roams however when I’m not FCing NPSI pvp fleets or rookie oriented incursion fleets I’m probably on an alpha trying some ‘vet’s’ tutorial or trying to understand the pain points a new player faces.

Up until now I’ve focused mostly on the NPE, career missions, some abyssals, incursions, and missions in high sec, I’m now starting to mine on an alpha to figure out what a brand new player encounters. So talk to me. I may not make CSM this year, but I’ll just be right back at it next year. Like Mike it may take 3 or 4 times, but I’ll get there and when I do I’ll be more than prepared!

Here’s my official CSM thread, but you can always contact me directly on the Eve Rookies discord. I also regularly stream so you’re more than welcome to share your ideas with me there (though if you catch me FCing a pvp fleet I might not be as chatty since I need to pay attention to my little chicks).

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@Ash_Beldrulf thank you for the monthly June edition of your complaints while ignoring all advice anyone gives you (including literally ignoring someone in this thread who lived an experience that runs counter to your viewpoint):

I’m sounding like a broken record but it is because you keep starting threads on the order of every month with nothing but complaints


Shipwreck has the right of it. You are not supposed to be able to build cool stuff without realizing that not everything is available everywhere.

Oh and the comment about L4 loot being a source for small amounts was right as well.

MMOs . . . there are two roads they go down. One is a solo play can do everything and the other players are just background crowds. Then there is Eve. You are forced to acknowledge that other players exist, either to support you or foil your attempts (or both)

I kinda like it like this



This is specifically CCP’s design. They want all areas of space to be interconnected, where nobody can do everything in their home territory.


This is not a do everything in any region. This is a can not do anything in any region.

Nothing like telling new players, that they can not do indy to make isk, can not make isk mining in high sec, can not run missions because they don’t have the skills and the best they can hope for it to fly battleships year down the road.

This game and developers are lost or clueless!?

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If you’re wondering where to find Isogen, you might be able to find some in J5A-IX. Related Kills | J5A-IX | 2022-06-11 13:00 | zKillboard

I can’t get all of the minerals that I need in the system where I build either. Why should I sympathize with you?


A new player with a brain can quickly find a niche. Traditionally, rigs have been a good place to start, along with T2 ammunition (and T2 rigs). These things require a relatively low investment to get started, and typically have pretty good margins and high demand.


How dare you

You’re not really grasping the concept here; if you don’t want to mine in lowsec, ok. Mine Veldsar in Hisec, sell it on the market, then flip that income to buy Iso and Nox. To rip a quote from a movie, “Work the problem.” I started a year ago. Bought some Small T1 ammo blueprints, researched them and started making a shitload of ammo which I sold at a University station, and slowly built my way up.


CCP gives you a Venture. And if you are smart, they are very hard to lose in low sec. With a Ventures align time and hull bonus warp core strength, you should be fine. Watch local and be ready to dock up if someone comes into system. Heck, I know a lot of low sec systems that are literally one jump away from high sec that rarely have anyone in them. You can mine isogen at your heart’s content.

Join a corp, I know quite a few good high sec corps (granted, they are generally funnel corps for null sec alliances) that will give away Ventures to new players if they lose theirs.

Eve is a game of learning to adapt and personal interaction. Trying to do stuff solo is the fastest way to fail at eve.


One of my biggest gripes with MMOs nowadays is they’re not social enough due to incessant streamlining. Why make groups for raids when you have dungeon finders and whatnot?

Then you have EVE which incentivizes people to interact with eachother, having supply and demand of niche crap as well as the ability to trade between close contacts for the privilege of… well, priority and tax evasion mostly.

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New players can easily mine in hisec. Hell I know people with maxed exhumer/orca alt fleets that eat hisec belts for a living.
New players can easily do industry without mining.
New players can also do industry with mining cause there’s plenty commodities in demand that dont take low/nul minerals, like ammo usually bought by mission runners to turn into faction ammo that they sell for PVPers. Go sell antimatter S in gallente space.
New players can easily run missions… hell new players can run abyssal filaments for fat dosh in cruisers and below

You are complaining about not having the option to do the things I started off doing and sometimes still do, and the only thing my skills currently let me do is “more of it at the same time”.

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Thats all ash has done is ■■■■■ and moan. Look at their post history. I honestly dont know why they play eve if they hate it so much

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Well you would think after years of scarcity, CCP would know what they did and try to fix it. The New Economy CCP brought to New Eden is not good for the players and it is not good for the game. When new players ask me what they can build and I have to tell them next to nothing with what they mine in high sec, it is not good.

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