Details on forthcoming improvements to compression mechanics

and yes, the fitting requirements are a joke right?


its all part of the long standing trend to screw over rorqual pilots going back to when they put them on grid and turned them into mining platforms. here, buy these very expensive drones and train them so we can nerf them to uselessness. oooh indy core to improve boosts and help the drones that now suck. now buy new mods and reduce tank options to go back to being a fleet support ship. thanks for your investment and skill training, jokes on you again


If i am in a fleet boosting my friends. They get the boosts and i keep the ore I mine. That is 2-3M isk per hour for fielding a 1.8B isk ship. The risk vs reward is garbage and needs to be fixed.

I believe that CCP is liars and has been proven liars. So no I would not believe it any ways. Once something goes live that is another thing.

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Gas compression is loss-less, but gas decompression is lossy. Using compressed gas will lead to a slight loss due to inefficiencies. It will be possible to minimise (but never eliminate) these inefficiency losses via skills and by decompressing gas at an appropriate Refinery structure.

Just be honest and say there is a minimum of 5% loss on gas decompression. This word sandwich to try to state otherwise is worse marketing than just being upfront about it.

Max Gas Decompression Efficiency (Tatara + level 5 skill) 95%

I think overall the Gas decompression thing is silly, not sure if you know this but gas actually compresses pretty easy, you just put it in a tank and apply pressure. Having a bunch of skills to learn how to decompress the gas just feels like an excuse to shove a bunch of skills into the game for the sake of it when logically how does it need decompressed more than the ore does, or how does ore even get compressed in the first place, its a solid already, it can’t get anymore solid man.

Like we can’t complain too much because its not already a feature in the game so its not like you’re taking something away, but its parallel existence with the existing mechanics in the game is nonsensical.

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Sounds like you’re getting the shaft, and up until now have been OK with it. So fix it and ask your friends to split the extra ore they mine due to the boost % diff? Or pay you your fair share. There’s a million ways to address this between you and your friends without complaining about your existing bad deal on the forums.

I mean, I can complain to the devs that I’m not getting a gazillion ISK/hr for [insert justification], but at the end of the day I have to deal with the reality of what the game is.


So is a piece of paper, both before & after you crumple it up.

The reason Q4 works ok is because CCP sent out that email that lied about scarcity being over. I am can not wait to see Q1 2022.

I use POS all the time in low sec for the anoms. Am I expected to now put up Athanors or other “types” of stations in all the low sec system in my local area to be able to have a place to safe up or are people like me just SOL ? POS literally served this niche role perfectly, its a shame to see CCP are such a hardcore mission to get rid of one of the BEST asset systems this game has ever had.

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sounds like you need better friends.

Then rejoice! There’s nothing to complain about, because you don’t believe in the things you’re complaining about! Complain when they’re live and you believe in them.

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Dude, I’ll explain this one to you on Jabber, so you can appreciate gas decompression properly.

Except for how any attempts to change POS code at all for balance or mechanics updates breaks literally half a dozen random other parts of the game because the POS code ties into things it shouldn’t, is completely incomprehensible and undocumented, and the guy who write it hasn’t been working at CCP for a decade, easy.

Edit: I think my favorite one was when changing 1 number on the large tower entries made the markets stop working for reasons nobody ever figured out. Truly, a marvel of asset management that must be forever preserved. Who needs to be able to buy and sell stuff?


Go to any systems that’s not M-OEE8. They messed up the seeding there in that last few updates already.

Compressing a solid takes some force but can be done. Compressing a liquid however…

(Even those can be compressed, but it takes considerably more force. Anyway, anything can be compressed if you press hard enough.)

Edit: No idea why this is a response to you Sen_Isu. :confused:

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The pos function/purpose in game is still relevant is all I’m saying. The fact CCP sucks at game design and little to no foresight with how they design their platform is not my problem. The fact they designed in such a way its interlinked with all these none related assets just speaks more to their ability to design a system that works properly than it does to me wanting to use a system that in “concept” is far better for various activities in game vs total removal of POS and forced use of this new system (Cits). CCP failure to design a proper system is no excuse for the total removal of said system. Specially considering said system has a place in many activities to date. The idea of remove POS all together is pure laziness on CCP part to address the issues in its code. Just remove it all is easier. That is why this game lacks in various aspects because they take the short cut so to speak. All about them greenbacks :wink: moneh moneh moneh, player happiness or proper functionality who the hell needs that!

but… why change the 1-100 ratio other than making things more confusing?

Removing POSs is something they’ve been working toward for seven years. I doubt very much if CCP Ytterbium expected POS towers would even be in the game come 2022.

Last I heard, going back a few years, CCP Fozzie had expressed some interest (which doesn’t mean any development commitment) in an intermediate ‘small’ structure, to replace SOME functionality of the small POS tower. Only when most functionality of control towers had been replaced by new structures, would all control tower tech be firmly retired.


As I said they have zero foresight…

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laziness, they prob have no clue how to do the exhange/rework so they will just do this rigged up job for now. Then 10 years from now they will want to change something and be like OH NO all this code is interlinked OH NO… they do it to themselves…