Industrial Command Boosting Ships

If making no isk risking a 250M isk ships is the new normal then it already time for another break.

Why would I want to pay for another account if making no isk mining is the new normal?

It never was. At lest not in hisec. alpha venture mining worst ore in low sec makes 8 mil/h and can go all they way to over 20 mil/h

Either learn the game and take the risk for extra profits or quit and stop whining. No one cares.

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Your best bet is using a Mack if your going to solo mine and not boost corp mates or friends. Ash I get it we all think some if not all of the changes are crap at times but it keeps things from getting stagnant.

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Before scarcity I was making 20M isk per hour mining in High Sec before moon mining was a thing I made 8-10M isk per hour mining in a Porpoise or an Orca solo with no alts.

FYI High Sec loses more ships every year then Null or low sec or wornholes. Don’t talk about danger Vs reward.

Didn’t we have this discussion already, less than two months ago?

If you’re mining in a Porpoise as the sole booster ship in a mining fleet with “you mine it you keep it” rules between you and your friends and are sad about it not being economically viable, then that suggests:

  1. What I said 2 months ago: reach a better deal with your friends. Split fuel costs evenly. Or, you take 50% of their boosted yield (if they are getting 16m3/s extra from your boost, you get 8m/s of it and they get 8m3/s of it). Or a bazillion other ideas.
  2. Or, figure out a fleet arrangement that is profitable for everyone. Avoid Nash Equilibriums between friends.
  3. Change up what you are mining, so it is more profitable.

From what I can tell you’re picking “4: Do nothing and don’t play until the personal playstyle is economically viable again” which is very hard to sympathize with.


Sorry but I won’t bite. HTFU. Adapt or die.



Why are you boosting with such a small gang?

Not per capita.


Took a 4 month break, but came here bitching about the changes during that 4 months.

And “returns” from said break to continue to ■■■■■.



@Ash_Beldrulf With all due respect, it simply seems to me that the way you mine is no longer economicly viable. If I had gone from 20M to 3M an hour mining I would sell my mining ships and stop mining immediately, do something else. But staying away from the game in hopes things change in your favor is kind of laughable.

I am staying away from eve because they removed the reward and enjoyment from mining. So I will talk with my money and walk away till something good for the miners and manufacturers happens.

A lot of good things for miners and manufacturers happened lately, but not the things you were hoping for. So you can adjust or keep walking away.

So mining is the only thing you like to do in the whole of the New Eden galaxy? No ratting or exploring or a bit of PvP hunting or even salvaging what others may have left behind, hauling or doing missions… just mining?
I’m not saying it’s bad or wrong or anything but I wouldn’t pay 14,99 to just undock and mine, that’s a waste of real money and I don’t see the purpose of doing that on an Alpha account that is either temporary or bound to end up Omega.

That’s your prerogative I guess but I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you. It seems that CCP is putting a block on easy isk from mining.
Good luck to you. Hope you find another game that entertains you.

Yes, I was a miner, market trader and manufacturer. There is not one other thing in New Eden that I enjoy at all. I did just about everything in Eve before I decided to build an industrial empire but CCP has killed that.

I am not holding my breath. I saw what CCP did to the DUST 514 economy and it is the same thing happening here. I have little no hope for Eve.

Damn. Must be tough. No judgement here. I can understand how you feel and it does suck. I hope you find another game that you’ll love as much as you love EVE.
I suddenly am so glad that I don’t ever get hung up on any particular game.

Only cause people are terri-bad at the game :smiley:

No one cares bruv :smiley: Stardew is that way :smiley:


The only vote we actually have is with our subs and other purchases. Unfortunately CCP can’t count “not buys”, so they don’t actually hear the boycotts. And they’re chary to ask us, for sure.

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I took a 4 month or so break from Mining with alts but now I am back because of these changes,

The Porpoise is a cheap way to boost a fleet.

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