because if you don’t pay more i have to pay
and i don’t want
so you have to pay for me
sry nobody said life was easy

ty for your effort anyway

After watching the Fanfest stream, my hopes have been strengthened. CCP have quite a few exciting projects for the game. Can’t wait to see when everything is done.


Same pickle here, altough i fully expected it. CCP only listen to the goons now and the situation favours them. Anyone else can ■■■■ off i guess.

Y’all not buying enough PLEX.


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this guys must be a genius

What makes you think the rest of us want that?

Sounds kind of selfish to me.

no you

Sorry to break it to you, but this was never going to happen if you stay in Hisec, and never will, no matter what CCP does.

Big battles occur in nullsec and lowsec. They are provided for and mined for in nullsec. You will never feed a big battle if you stay in hisec. You have to join a corp in nullsec to feed big battles.

You have a fundemental misunderstanding of how Big battles work, where they occur, and how they are fed. Its not CCPs fault, either, its yours.


Where did you get this impression? I read nothing from the highlights that stated that.

You’re mostly right although with the mineral redistribution you actually do need to mine in highsec for trit to build stuff. So chances are he’s probably feeding some battle, but he’s quite far removed from it.

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Some of the biggest asteroids in all of Eve are in Aurcel region…very often with nobody mining them. OK so its 0.5 and nearly always has gate campers at the 0.4 next door but its hard to believe there’s scarcity when there are asteroids 50km across.

Not to mention rEsIdUe.

Anyone still complaining about residue still doesn’t understand the changes.
Compared to scarcity yields are up and is more plentiful after accounting for residue.
Compared to Abundance yields are STILL up and and there is about a third less ore.

Since almost nowhere is all the HS ore harvested everyday, it really doesn’t matter how much ore there is

Why are you expecting CCP to do anything additional to the new status quo after delivering their final economic patch to end scarcity? They’ve been exceedingly clear this is the new normal.

We went over this three months ago:

And we went over this last month:

It’s been several months, what all have you actually tried doing? Have you tried having fun mining in low or null sec instead and avoid pirates and bubbles? Have you reached a different economic agreement with your friends? Are you adding Disney+ on top of your Netflix subscription? Have you tried changing fleet composition? Have you changed goals – say to build a strategic stockpile of compressed ore to time the market in a year or two when players find an abundance of isogen but X is now 1.5x in price?

Or is your goal still to just maximize ISK/hr with arbitrary rules like “I must fly a boosting ship” or “I must mine in high sec” and “I want how it was the way before even though CCP said they weren’t going back”, and we get to look forward to the continuing recurring threads?

No one can manage your disappointment except you. If you’re not having fun nor are pleased, change up how you play the game.

If you being sincere, then find a corporation and help them with mining ops, prob NS or LS. HS is ok too if you want to start slow.

Otherwise you gonna suffer (not a threat, just saying you gonna be miserable in game due to mechanics).

Residue is actually an interesting mechanic.

Hmm 1st 0.5 system I started to study in that region happened to be Colelie and zkillboard looks busy.
I know of systems full of Ore and can’t even lead them there using a juicy veldspar carrot.

It is like nobody is hungry.

Low sec mining is ■■■■ and null sec is even shittier. Only wormhole mining can be profitable and HS if you can avoid ganks.

Residues didnt do much of anything really, double rocks and you waste half of it, CCP are expert at making useless changes.

Said like it’s difficult

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