Possibility of compression report from Orca and Porpoise


I am regularly in a moon mining fleet and there is a corp member with an Orca present providing buffs and compression of ores.

The moons are owned by other corporations and I’m not able to get a mining ledger / report.

At the end of the mining, I try to find a fair & equitable way to pay all fleet members and it is difficult because some of them mine for different times or have different mining m3 per second meaning the pay will be different.

The Orca pilot informs me that when a fleet member uses the compression module from the Orca, the Orca pilot is notified (via text popup) of how much ore and what ore was compressed.

I’m wondering if there is a way for the Orca pilot to generate a compression report that lists the pilot who used compression, time of compression, ore type compressed and quantity compressed?

If not, may I submit the idea for an enhancement request. I’d imagine that the report could be accessed similar to Neocom> Industry> Mining Ledger.

With this, the Orca pilot could send me the report at end of mining and then I can use Excel to work out how much to pay each mining pilot.

Thank you for your time to hear my suggestion.


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