Carebears Orecompressor service in high sec

Hi guys.

I want to offer my orcas ore-compression ability to miners who can’t compress ore yet.
I can do all high sec except islands in low sec.

Terms for using my service

  • Must be in high sec
  • Each ore hold is at a maximum of 187.500 m3 before compression and will be compressed to 1.875m3 after compression.
  • The price for each compression will be 3 million isk. Note: there is no moving fee to get to your system. - If you have LOTS of ore, we can discuss the price.
  • Minimum ore is 500,000 m3
  • Do to the risk of getting suicide ganked I won’t move the ore for you. Only do the compression part!

How to use my service
For this to work you need to trust me. I’m an oldtimer lottery creator if that helps to the factor trust. I just need to use my carebear account to get some passive-ish ISK, and see if this has any interest at all.

  • You contract the ore to me (Project Carebears) ex. 670.000 ore, in that case, I will compress it and contract the compressed ore back at a contract price of 12 million isk.

Hope to see you out there!
Please send me an eve-mail when contracting ore. I keep the right to decline ore contracts I know i can’t do, or don’t have time for

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