Make 3rd refinery structure + Deployable faction stations

Now Before this is even told, I am looking for a Nation SuperCarrier and will be paying 500 bil- 14 tril for one, if you hand me one for free, ty. Also ty for the subs on yt. SO lets begin our freakin topics

So I think EVE Online has done somthing pretty odd, like 4 Citadels: Astrathus, Fortizar, Keepstar, and Palantine Keepstar. 3 EC (Engineering Complexes): Raitura, Azbel, Soyitoa. And now only like 2 refinery’s.
Now the thing i want to mention about this is that, there should be a big refinery, bigger than the other 2 refineres combined times 2 so its like a keepstar distance, but it should be stylish af. And instead of just 1 moon blaster. it can equip a moons blaster DD plus its moon miner machine.

Now, what if players could Own a structure, like a citadel, or engineering complex, WITHOUT HAIVNG TO BE IN A COPERATION! :open_mouth:


Alphas will also be able to drive battleships, for more information contact Cameron Lytle.

this is a troll right?

the idea is only vaguely connected to the tittle and unbalanced as ■■■■

I’m thinking OP is ESL, or just 14.

What’s currently wrong with Eve that requires this as a solution?

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theres not 3 refineries! there must be balanced refineres
it doesnt make sence not to make a main structure

Explain what balance is, without using examples, and why the lack of an XL Refinery creates an imbalance.

I honestly think you want consistency not balance. Consistency is nice, but not necessary.

No he’s right there is also no small industry structure the citadels and harvesting structures have!!! This injustice must be rectified!!!

Yes personnel OCD is a legitimate cause to forgo actual balance and reason

Balance, to keep things in a stable order, no more, no less

EVE Way im saying it- make the 3rd structure.

Except there is no reason to have a third structure other than to just have for the sake of having it. It wouldn’t add anything as the M->L rigs already have the typical combined functionality. And their lasers are already identical. There is no gain to such a structure existing. Nor is there any benefit to a lesser structure being released, only wasted Dev time from other projects being left stagnant for the very few who would ever consider their use.

I must be stupid or something, but I don’t understand your argument of why it’s imbalanced.

I Have OCD with numbers that dont stay with a contstant ok?

CCP’s stance on the matter.

It makes perfect sense, there’s no need for some arbitrary number of every structure. They only needed 2 to serve the game design requirements so they only made 2. Simple as that.

Also the idea of being able to have structures without being in a corp is ridiculous. We don’t need unkillable High Sec structures. Just make a 1-man corp if you want to deploy something, provided you don’t mind losing it potentially.

learn to spell

Really not sure who you’re directing this at. I literally ran my last post through spell check and it came back fine, and the post before mine is one sentence.

More to the point though, this isn’t refuting anything and it’s off topic. You’ve resorted to personal attacks because your argument fell through. That’s at the very least poor form, and also a little immature.

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