Structure bashing

Admittedly I am terrible at finding things in the forums so if what I am about to post has already been addressed I apologize ahead of time. Some friends and I are looking at getting into structure bashing and have had some luck with unmanned / low powered towers. I was wondering what strategies are used with fully operational and manned structures? What fleet compositions are used? This will primarily be used for WH space with a crew of up to 12 people. Right now I am thinking some combination of Leshak’s, Nestors, Armageddons, or Vindi’s all with some form of Logi. Or would it be smarter to do something like long range ravens that keep you out of the stations ability to target you (250km+) and have a quick reaction force to defend them since they probably wont have much tank due to the ranged mods.

If you only have 12 or so and go up against a decent group odds are you won’t do so well. To defend my structures against 12 of you i would just get a bunch of falcons and jam you at 100km away and wait for the repair timer. And yes and decent group will have tactical pings all over their own structure. They don’t have to kill you, just have to fight the timer by reducing/stopping your dps against the structure.

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What type of numbers would be required to take out a decently defended structure?

You can scout the fit on said structure and theorycraft after.
If it is low power, just try getting to the damage cap so you can do it in 25-30m.
Citadels have a long trageting range, way above ship’s (but carrier) targeting ranges.
Leshaks are a good idea for the dps, but neuts, ecm, could make it hard if you dont have enough support (i.e. guards!).
Carriers are a good choice if you can move them in (i.e. c5 or c6), they do good dps and are kind of safe (allign safe, fit cloak).

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With 12 guys you can use kitchen sink fleets for unmanned/undefended structures. Unfortunately you will find little to no resistance to violating people’s areas in w-space these days. I bet you can do it with impunity with 12 toons on grid. Ive done it with 3.

Yeah the unmanned structures dont seem like much of a challenge. I like the idea of actually evicting people from WH space. So am more interetsed in strategies for manned structures. Fleet comps and numbers etc. of course all that would depend on what they had to defend.

The new structures were meant to be a real challenge if the residents decide to put up a fight. In a lot of cases there will be capital ships to defend said structures even in WH space. It all comes down to if they fight back or not and how many of them do. If you can kill and pod them and maintain hole control 24/7 You can do it with 12 guys but that’s a big if.

just do like me, find 1 man corps with low power stations

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