Need help with PVP fit MOTD for Alpha accounts

Looking into generating an MOTD of ships for a Ganking Corporation.
How many SP does an Aplha Account have available to use.
What ships would you recommend for Ganking PVP would you recommend
The Corporation will end up doing high sec structure bashing if all goes well so from Frig to Battle ships.
If you Mad Scientist out there have any ideas it would be much appreciated.

Trig ships are ideal for structure bashing, but since Alphas can’t fly those, then the Oracle is the next best thing. For normal ganking, either the Catalyst or Coercer.

We will be war decing others at some point so I figure a logi wing and a battle ship wing with good dps. This will only happen after we have three to four thousand members, Want over whelming force. What do you recommend. This Corp will initially be active in high sec the some low as well

Can’t help you there. All I can recommend for unopposed high sec structure bashing is the Oracle against those small 1 or 2 person corps that really have no way to defend their structures. If you are trying to wardec a corp that has 100+ members and are prepared to defend their structures, that is beyond the scope of what I know about war dec and structure bashing tactics.

Perhaps have a look at zkill and see what others are using to bash structures, especially in low sec.

Thanks, I will hammer this out then and post the first MOTD for review if you would try and tear it apart I would appreciate it. Thanks for your time.

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