Alpha clone - Amarr FW pvp fitout

Hi all,

Got myself an Amarr alpha clone that I’m planning on getting into FW/low sec fighting.

What would be a decent ship/fit for such activity nowadays?

I used to love the Web/AB Beam punisher and Tormentors but I suspect the Alpha skills will probably make it too under powered.


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Alpha skills can get work done just fine in FW, its just like any other PvP and pick your fights carefully.

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Here’s an amarr milita punisher fit:

I don’t think its alpha but should give you an idea.

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Check Youtube. There are many vids both for new characters and Alpha new players. They will also help you how to fly the specific fits showed.

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I’m mostly using long range weapons and kiting since dps will be hard to compete with early on.

I don’t fly Amarr however but as far as you surprise them with kiting, you just need to outlast them: Minmatar artillery alpha volley (amount of dmg with each hit) shines here as it can hit through reps.

Not sure if alpha volley is good as amarrian but otherwise you should have more dps or application, it’s fairly balanced in my opinion.

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Let me just say as a former minnie fw pilot good for you. They need more new blood, badly last I heard. As for fits, I could be incorrect now, but last I heard there was a large group from doing FW on Amarr side. If you haven’t already, crosspost this there for additional info. Just take it with a hefty grain of salt. When I was doing fw O usually considered them easy kills. Not sure if its because of their appeal to newer pilots or if they actually have bad advice. But definitely run with them if nothing else. At least they’re not Eve-Uni. EU is… well, just terrible at PvP. They’re carebear central. Great wiki though.

Oh heres the fw reddit.

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FWEDDIT still hanging out with the Amarr? Haven’t flown in FW for a few years now.

I wasn’t sure what faction to pick (unless alpha clones are locked to a side?) but if Amarr are in such dire straights then I’ll jump in with them. Love being the undermanned side :slight_smile:

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Go on the youtube and look for the channel “eveiseasy”.

Our fellow capsuleer @Suitonia has made some really cool video guides for alphas. Go check them out.

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