Need moaar info for pvp!

Dear Eve online community,

I am currently using an alpha account and my chosen race is the amarr.

my question is: which amarr ships from the frigate, destroyer, cruiser and battle cruiser sections is good for tanking plus sustaining while doing some decent damage and what are some suitable fittings for such ships.

looking forward to your opinions and responses. :slight_smile:

Donwolfy Trump

HI, I’m Gallente, but most of my (still not so many) kills I did with an Amarr Coercer.

The EvE Uni page is very useful for T1 ships, and provides multiple fitting suggestions for every ship.

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This might help:

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Neut Prophecy can be pretty forgiving. Can do a several hundred thousand HP hull tank while neuting and doing ok drone damage. Pretty cheap and flexible for learning in. Make sure you lose loads of frigates n stuff first tho, don’t jump right into BC hull PvP.

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Idk about damage application, but the Punisher frigate can mount a brick tank, they are frequently used as bait.


Ooooo I love the punisher, definetly 2nd that

OP, if you are going to stick with Amar ships and go for neuts, there is one thing you have to keep in mind. Not all targets are affected by neuts even if you sucessfully land them. Many ships and ceirtain fits just don’t care for cap use and their tank and DPS will be completely unaffected by neuts, or not to a degree that it will make it an easy kill.

In general, your best targets will be ships that use hybrid turrets and lasers + active tank, stay away from missle, arty boats and passive / buffer tanks.


This. I think Punishers suck in fairness (midslots…) but as a bait tanker you’re talking well over 40,000hp without really trying which gives a lot of time to think.


First thought: 40k hp in a T1 frig, you’re kidding me…
But well, if I ask google, It tells something about 55 - 165k (with boosters and implants): Bait Punisher

Gonna try what I can do with my not-that-high-skills and not-that-full-wallet.

Literally without trying. With my HG-Slave clone and some bling it’s off the chart.

Bare in mind it will be crap at anything except absorbing damage. I don’t use mine for shooting anyone really.

Oh, got one killmark on mine :slight_smile:
Dunno, but for roaming Laserboats do quite well: I managed to return most of them back to Highsec, while my expensive and agile Enyo got blasted by 40 ravens without having shot a single salvo and despite its brand new Assault Damage Controle module. At least it was quite a view, that ball of death, whilst sitting in a bubble…

You seem to have PvP’d so hard you time traveled back to 2008. Props.

Don’t get it…
“blasted” was meant generally, not necessarily deployed by blasters.
But yeah, it was only 29 Ravens with missiles, no blasters. And 19 supporting vessels:
Quite impressive view before mayhem followed.
This was a common way to die 2008? Blast from the past :slight_smile:

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Ravens were in heavy use everywhere many years ago (2008 was a guesstimation, poor memory).

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