Citadel overview options

Could we get the overview options to only show a type of citadel /ec / refine
ie filter out astrahus but keep fortizar/keepstar showing?

some of the citadel spam is getting a bit absurd and could do with subfiltering


Just means citadels need a nerf so they burn faster.

Agree with my ex-girlfriend. Make them die faster.

  1. Add an option to facilitate their destruction with usage of Enthosys link. Like, till the structure HP is reached you can relatively quickly “burn” their HPs with the link, and then just grind through the structure (as I was told some people just want things to go BOOM and are against idea of the link being usable on all structures because of it)

  2. Make their wrecks salvageable, with ability to recover a lot of components which were used to build the citadel (to give those who’ll be removing them more incentive)

  3. Assign some valuable unique loot to their destruction. Like, announce a new faction lore-based event, in which all of 4 empires + pirate factions start giving LPs and standings increases to those who burn citadels in their enemy’s space. So on destroying a citadel or engineering complex in Amar space, you are granted with, say, 1000 “amar space citadel destruction tokens”, which can be either sold on market, or exchanged in Minmatar space at some agency, receiving its LPs and general boost of standings towards Minmatar Republic (though, perhaps at a cost of dropping standing to Amar still). This ensure those tokens will be of significant demand. And pirate factions just accept any space’s tokens.

There are planning changes to their RF timers and adding online/offline status depending on if they have a module online or not. We don’t have all the details, yet. But when they share them, be there to give your feedback. Here is the video of EvE Vegas about this.

You can do it from the Structure Browser window, and I think even warp directly an Upwell structure from the right-click menu there.

If you must use the Overview, you could also just make a tab to show Structures and sort reverse alphabetically by type to get the Keepstars and Fortizards at the top.

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