[Survey and proposal] Who thinks a citadel cluttered space is immersion breaking?

Space is a dangerous, adventurous and lonely place

When I log in these days in EVE Online my overview is full of player build citadels (I do know I could remove them from my personal overview, but that is not the point of this post). While I enjoy the success of this part of game design, I am sad about the immersion breaking effects it has for many places in EVE. I don’t understand how the premises of encouraging players to explore the space can be met, when dozens of player build structures pop up in their face the second they jump to another system. Furthermore, I think it is an incredible poor implementation to first have citadels flashing up in the overview and then see them disappear because they are rendered to be inaccessible to this specific player and not on the grid.

Please give me feedback if you share my concerns. Furthermore review my proposal or propose one solution yourself.


  1. Charge station owners for being having a broadcast beacon (i.e. being visible) in the map depending on the type and size of the citadel. A perfect solution would be a mechanism like office renting, depending on the population of the system and the number of already existing citadel beacons in the system.

1a. For anchoring and vulnerability, all citadel might have a temporary beacon, to ensure everybody is aware of the things. But out of vulnerability only those citadels that invested in a beacon should system wide visible in overview when out of grid (and they are configured for you to be accessible).

  1. Only have those structures with a systemwide beacon should be showing up in sensor overlay. All the others should still be in d-scan, if they are in range of the d-scan, but not warpable. A dedicated scanner of course can map them.

  2. Move all citadels off the jump gates so that they are not within the same grid. Say 1 million km. If people still want to “grid fu” a way to citadel, well ok, let them, that’s enough effort and not permanent. For the game mechanic transition remove all rigs and put them back into CEOs hangar so the corp can decide to relocate their citadel to a completely different place.

  3. Change the way, stuff is displayed in the clients overview. Flashing of structures is not cool. It would be okish if citadels pop-up in overview a little bit later than other stuff, but having them first showing up for milliseconds and then see them go away is immersion killer.


Overview would be substantially less cluttered when you just travel across space and people could still use all but jump gates celestial beacons if they want to have an easily accessible citadel and do not want to finance beacon to get on system wide overview. The trade hubs show up in the map just like they should the others do not clutter the map.


It is hideous. And more and more systems become like Perimeter.

You can hide them but having to hide/unhide them in the overview and brackets or keep switching overviews just to be able to see something else than rubbish in space is utterly irritating.

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IMO the solution for clutter is quite simple:

  • bundle core services tethering, repair, invulnerability, insurance, etc. into a separate service module which requires fuel (compensate with less consumption of other services)
  • define a dead structure as having the core service disabled
  • remove dead structures from default visibility, maybe even reduce render quality/details

Everything else is legit use of the new structures, this is how CCP wants us to play.

EDIT: I have my overview configured to not display ECs, this helps a lot.


Did you forget that every single system was stuffed with POS’s a year ago? They just didnt show up on your overview… Might wanna look into making several tabs and setting up your overview correctly.


the only thing i can really agree with in the OP,
is the showing of structures on the overview and then dissapearing, there is no need for that, load them when everything else is loading during the gate animation screen and have the ones that need to be removed already not appearing on the overview.

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That’s a bit disingenuous don’t you think? POSes never showed up on overview unless you were on grid with them.

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And it is getting even worse for low & null sec. Imagine every moon showing up in overview because of moon extraction. Yes, of course I could block structures from my overview, but that is not the point. The point is, these structures should only be visible, if I go there and check the grid.

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They are completely trash like and should not be able to occupy gate / station grids at any point i wanna puke my self out undocking from Hek and see all this citadel garbage around and in my face

Horrible immersion breaking failure.

Move them away and prohibit deploying within ANY other structure grid period broadcast beacon as isk sink is amassing option otherwise make em go away.

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Here’s an idea… limit of 2 of each type of citadel in any given system.

While citadel bashing is not fun, it would certainly encourage people to kill not-friendly citadels in order to drop their own. It would also encourage sov null places to have a reason to expand their space for things like ship building, rather than just throwing 300 sotiyos/retardus in one system.

Neither does Upwell structures, unless they are set to public acces or your corp has acces to it.

Also, overview tabs. Use them people! Its not hard to filter out upwell structures for any given overview setup.
If you have upwell structures visible in all overview tabs, you are doing it wrong.

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I’ve got no problem with citadels. After how long we’d asked for proper player owned stations, I’m glad to see them pop up everywhere.

So nobody can mine more than 4 moons in any system?


“Player freedom”, what could go wrong? EVERYTHING did.

Them “player owned structured” are not only replacing your moon-bubble of joy but they stare at any given stargate, run your pve for you, blocking all forms of player interaction and even sit in the asteroid belts, for insta-kills.

Station versus player is so good now. Join structure online today.

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