An exceptional collection of suggestions for citadels


With discussions going on about more ISK sinks, less citadel spamming and better PvE, among other things, I thought it is time for CCP to consider improving upon the citadel system they have now. So far, corporations just deploy the things, feed them fuel and profit from taxing other players for their services; however, it seems nobody has stopped to think about how citadels are not empty spaces with hangars for capsuleer ships, but actual cities in space. There are perhaps hundreds of thousands of people living in each, for free!

So my suggestions are the following:

  1. Upon deployment, the owning corporation must assign one of their members as the Mayor of the citadel. Such a title comes with responsabilities, but also perks, like being invited to cocktail parties and other social events.
  2. A new interface should be made available to control tax rates for both citizens and capsuleers, and also budgeting for police enforcement, healthcare, education and emergencies like fires and Tornados. This budget would effectively be an ISK sink.
  3. Capsuleers never leave their quarters while in station (I’m told some don’t even leave their pod), but citizens have to commute and visit their relatives or friends! This is why there should be tools to design public transportation routes.
  4. As hinted in point 2, enemy fleets are fine and all, but we also need procedurally generated disasters to make life more fun in citadels. Wandering black holes, sudden gamma ray bursts, corrosive gas clouds, Drifter attacks… you name it, New Eden has all kinds of danger.
  5. Finally and very importantly, Mayors need tools to define their citadel’s zoning and occupation; however, in these post-modern times, discrete zoning cannot be accepted, so it is time CCP innovate in the field of architecture in videogames and implement mixed zoning for healthier, more humane citadels.

I hope you agree with me this would make the game so much better.

Coming up next: An exceptional collection of suggestions for Planetary Interaction


It would add depth but you’re basically asking CCP to design a new game - sim city in space - which will pull resources away from the spaceship game most of us signed up for.

This is why walking in stations got shelved and why it’s unlikely capsuleers will ever walk on the surface of a planet.

I think concepts like ship crews or industry teams recruited from the NPC population might work - their salaries could provide a small ISK sink while they grant a bonus to the ship or industrial facility they are associated with. Likewise I think it would be reasonable for Upwell to charge a fee for connecting to its network - pulling a bit more ISK out of the game.

Consider the development effort for new features and whether limited resources might be better invested in improving some other aspect of the game.

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I thought it was pretty obvious this is a joke.

This does not belong there because this is not a real suggestion.

I wouldn’t mind seeing racial stations, all the citadels and Indy complexes look the same. I love going to different NPC stations.

some people are so thick.
good post OP.

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