Please make Citadels more interesting


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Right now I find I want to anchor one, but I have no reason to. They are extremely boring and do not inspire me.

What do they do?

A few service modules
Limited weapons systems
Tether healing buff

Right now, they are merely a utility. Surely, CCP can implement some kinda thing where they are more attractive and do much more - perhaps even being similar to a home in other games, or providing a corporation with a buff of some kind. It would make sense since it’s only corporations that own stations which are war eligible.

Ultimately, what I’m trying to say is there should be a lot more privileges to owning a station than there are now.

What do you guys and girls think?

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You left out one important item:

  • Spam them in enemy systems until the sheer amount of grinding required in off-timezones makes the enemy seriously question their life choices and stop playing.
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Move out of highsec and try to understand what citadels are actualy used for, specialy the keepstar. There are some major problems with them, but you didnt list any of those, for example them taking over the role of TCU.

Is the point of this thread to mull over how you persobaly dont find this or that interesting in eve?

This is an improvement thread in the player features and ideas section of the forum.

What’s your point?

So you’re telling me to invest in a keepstar to see the benefits of owning a station?


What I’m saying is stations are boring as they are.

They don’t do much and what they do is not very engaging.


You are not proposing any new features or ideas to discuss.


Do you always want to be spoonfed?

Stop moaning at me and make something up yourself.

I’m saying that there is a sticky post on the top of this forum section that tells you the rules of topics over here. You are not abiding by those rules.

I’m also saying that you dont seem you have any clue what part citadels play in eve, if you did, you would not ask for a role for them. Educate yourself, use google or another forum section for it, this section is not the right place.

Why don’t you go and pollute someone else’s topic?

I know WHAT they do AND I’m saying it’s basic or not enough.

Please contribute to my topic properly.


I dont want to be an total asshole, so I’ll explain one of the main functions of keepstars: They are the only structures that supers or titans can dock, without it titan pilots would be stuck in their ships in space and could never change ship once they boarded their titan. Keepstars play the most crucial role in all of nullsecs politics, wars, betrayals and gameplay in general. It all revolves around them in a way or another.

Ok, apart from the obvious uses which you left out, if docking a titan is the only advantage I think I’d rather practice tying my shoe laces over and over than have a keepstar.

Please stop.

You also should know that there are no stations in sov-null or wormholes, citadels are the only places that players can dock, keep their stuff, trade or do industry in those parts of space (I’m ignoring POSes as they are going away). They are also way more important than sov structures when figuring out who actualy “owns” the space. They are the definition of “home”.

I do agree that they dont play as big of a role in highsec, but even that has slightly changed with the wardec updates. I’m still saying that educate yourself on the subject and dont only think in highsec perspective.

highsec moon mining
better mineral refine rates and ore compression
cheaper manufacturing

These are very potent benefits of owning a structure, even in HS, especially in HS.

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Fair point but no.

If you have an idea of how to improve an issue, that is one thing. If you are simply pointing out flaws and shortcomings, it is not a feature or idea.

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