Change in citadel benefits

Citadels are everywhere, this is not a surprise or new to anyone. A trend that I have been coming across different areas of the game is 1 man shell corporations holding citadels so that organizations may hide from wardecs. I get it, it’s a mechanic and I am not complaining but it did get me thinking. There is no benefit to actually owning your own citadels. With access lists you can give yourself all the access you need/want. You can still utilize it’s services, you can still mine the ore it produces. In fact, it’s actually a punishment to own your own citadels as now you are eligible for war dec.

My proposal is an adjustment as to the benefits to some citadel aspects that would make it worth it for people to have citadels in their actual corporation. Take HS moon mining for instance, make it that if you are not part of the corp/alliance mining on that moon would make you go suspect. This would allow corporations to protect the moon fracture that they paid the structure and fuel to make. Production in citadels, people not in the corp/alliance would only receive a % of the production benefits. I don’t really know what benefits could be adjusted for Fortizars and Astra’s, possibly no tether but still have docking rights if access is given.

TLDR: Citadel mechanics allow you to reap all the rewards without any of the risk.


So, this isn’t a complaint about citadels, it’s a complaint about high sec moon goo ninjas…


Long story short, don’t anchor what you can’t defend…

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Why don’t you just wardec the shell Corp and kill the structure?


No, just stating an opinion that I think citadels in their current form give little to no benefit to having it in the actual organization of who owns it. Doing so is more of a punishment as now the members are war dec eligible. Any organization can create a 1 man holding corp to hold their structure separate from the alliance to dodge a wardec. I’ve seen this in wormholes, I’ve seen this in HS.

Personally, i’m not big fan of shooting structures, I like shooting people more.

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I am in full agreement with OP here. All service modules should give full benefits to the anchoring corp and reduced benefits to anyone else.

Example: Clone bays - Allow owners to instant transfer clones. All others standard 24hr cool down.

Manufacturing bays - All current benefits to owner. All others same costs as an NPC station.

Ect. Etc.

There should be a benefit to owning a station. And a cost to piggyback on someone else’s.


It’s a negligible nerf. Players can still use all the structures they currently use. They just get the benefits equal to the risk they put into it.

If players are “stealing” your moon ore, either bump them, gank them, wardec them, or hire mercs to do it for you…

I would like to reiterate, this is not about people stealing moon ore. It is the fact that any and every structure that grants everyone access gives everyone the same benefits regardless of ownership. My proposal is to change this and gives everyone a positive, and a negative.

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So, don’t make your structure public then?

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Also this would just hurt nullsec, they use holding corps to manage all their sov, I don’t think torgo thought this through, unless he wants it highsec only and then his intentions will be clear.

I did think about this with nerfs to NS as well as not everyone part of the coalition would have rights to tether but would have docking rights assumed that they have the appropriate permission. I believe this would create some interesting gameplay for those who hunt in nullsec. This would make undocking riskier in any structure that you do not own regardless of what area of the game you live in.

But is this change wanted in the game? Does it solve a certain problem? The current way that it works is balanced, I don’t see how making this adds any positives.

I believe is problem is not with Citadels existing but that you can get all the benefits of one for almost 0 risk.

If you could right-click on a corporation and see the location of all of their anchored structures, things would be cleaned up faster.

But what if the benefit is that you can be more competitive than NPC stations and in doing so, attract income from neutrals that use your facilities?

If the Citadel is in a shell Corp, then it can’t be defended by those not in that shell Corp. It can be killed.

This sounds like a cop out answer given what you’ve said in the OP.
From this, I take it that you just want the game to made easier for you (by making people suspect so you can low-effort gank them without little consequences). Grow some balls and learn to deal with the problems using the mechanics that are already provided to you in-game. Don’t complain to CCP to give you an easy out.


That’s why I said that those not part of the alliance should only receive a partial benefit. The bonuses that the structure provides they would only receive a % of that bonus. Would still be better than NPC, but not as good as owning the structure itself. The owner of the structure still is able to make isk off of those utilizing their services.