War dec on citadel's

I was reading about the new expansion and people saying about the over population of citadels

The thought I had was make war dec’s possible against the citadel its self for a lower price than a normal war and while war dec is active even if ownership is changed war dec stays against new owner that takes over the citadel

You would be free to engage defenders in that system only while war is active so you can still care bear in the rest of high sec more incentive to get more people shooting them

Was just an idea not sure if it would help or not

50 million for a wardec is nothing. Corp’s that can’t afford that, aren’t likely to be able to kill a Citadel either.

So the current system of Wardecs against Corporations (not individual assets) is fine.


Was more a thought on getting risk adverse people into shooting them as well

How would it be any different?

Risk averse is risk averse. Are you proposing that the Corp that owns the citadel wouldn’t be able to defend it? If they can, then how is it different to now?

More the fact the war would be limited to the 1 system so they can still run missions or mine

Definitely no then.

This isn’t really about making it easier to kill structures, it’s about making highsec safer for players.

More conflict is needed. Not less.

Any good Corp is able to guide its members so they still can mine and run missions. That’s not a failing of anyone but the CEOs of terrible corporations.


I live in wh space so im all for the content but people are complaining that “citadels are cancer” was just an idea to get more people to shoot at them no making hs safer

Then I go back to the first response - 50 million is nothing. A Corp that cant pay that isn’t going to be able to kill an upwell structure either, since the ships needed will be worth more then that. Then they can hit any of the structures owned by the defending Corp, as well as all the members, anywhere.

Fair enough was just an idea if it was me I’d make it no asset safety and just a suspect tag to shoot them but we know that won’t work

I’m totally there with you on that. I think it’s the worst mechanic in the game and totally against what EVE used to be.

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That’s what he is proposing, another mode of conflict, one aimed at the citadel itself rather than its operator.

It’s not like corps and alliances that were averse to war were going to war dec anyone, anyway. Maybe this way, a bunch of miners or haulers or whatever might be more inclined to go, “Hey, we could blow that up.” and initiate a limited conflict, one that might even escalate into a full blown war.

Current situation: wardec = all Corp assets and members anywhere

Proposed = war on one asset and members can mine and run missions anywhere else but one system

That is less conflict. Just go through the logic Mayhew. Bullshitting doesn’t work.

The current situation is that they don’t war dec anything at all. Now, I’m not a mathematician, but I’m going to say that some conflict is more conflict than no conflict.

As for the corps that do war dec already, this would just give them another arrow in their quiver; wouldn’t it?

I don’t even like the idea to be honest, but I can see the reasoning behind it.

yeah likewise but the problem is

these players dont do conflict.<-----emphasis on the full stop.


Some horses don’t drink when you lead them to water.
No horses drink that aren’t lead to water.

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HS Citadel competition for services provided will eventually reach zero.

This is a foregone, certain and inevitable conclusion.

Much better idea how to clear citadel high sec spam is to use charts, that were available in LP stores. Like it was with POS long time ago. No chart in chart bay = high sec citadel is not protected by concord at all.

I was thinking the attacking parties could just go suspect, same as attacking an MTU or other deployable in high sec.


Seriously, I’m ok with this.

It doesnt harm the wardec system, and just increases opportunity for PvP in HS, especially against a structure, and also (without wardec) means others can randomly show up and blow you up too.

This works imo.

The other thought i had (I know no one will go fo it) wormhole space = 100% asset loss so you could go null = 75% loss, low 50% loss and high = 25% loss give people an incentive for shooting them