High Sec Citadels and Security Status

I think that since a Citadel is really no different than a ship or capsule and is a player owned structure that the Citadel should receive the same consequences for the security status of the Capsuleer currently occupying the Citadel.

For example a corporation is -10 all of the time. If a single -10 corporate member is occupying the Citadel it can be attacked by the local Faction Police much the same as if the -10 corporate member was sitting in a ship and not moving that causes the Faction Police to eventually arrive and attack it based on the systems Security Status

If a ship goes flashy red for a gank and then docks up at their own Citadel in a pod, the Citadel should also be able to be attacked for a period of 15 minutes when the first flashy red capsule docked up without CONCORD arriving to intervene.

The Citadel is no different then the capsule and the ship both being a vessel that contains the -10 security status or flashy red Capsuleer.

Eve Online is about creating content and action.

Being able to attack a Citadel that houses Flashy Reds without a war dec would add a lot of excitement and action.

BTW the way Goonswarm isn’t Eve Online nor are they the representatives of CCP in any manner so its Pets can stop trying to run the forums as if they are policing the forums to ensure new doctrine isn’t talked about that would undermine Goonswarm trying to keep other players from posting on the forums as if they were part of Goonswarm, who aren’t allowed to post on the forums.

If you want to destroy a CODE-citadel, wardec it and get a fleet together. There’s no need to change the rules. You just have to do the work that destroying a defended citadel requires.


They are very different.

Corporations don’t have sec status.
Also think how abusable this would be to get free for on citadels with no warning. Insert one am. Wait. Get gunner rights. Then trash your sec status in 2 minutes and give your main Corp free attack. Then war Dec to catch the next timer.

So no for both poor understanding of game mechanics and for abusability.

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So if one Corp has a Citadel that is Freeport, it should be attackable just because an outlaw from a different Corp docks in it?

Not going to happen.

Because holding corps don’t exist?
Because no one can dock at citadels except the owner corp?

My counter-suggestion is to become better at EvE before suggesting terrible and totally unnecessary changes.

Edit: I really need to start checking who wrote terrible ideas. This is the second time this year I’ve wasted brain cells responding to a Dryson post.

Yay! Destroying public highsec citadels without need for a wardec and without the ability to defend it for the owner. /s


Stop posting please

Holey baloney

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wait so i just have to dock into any free port and i can get concord/faction navy to kill it?

If you’re the only one or rather if this sets the average security status of all docked players below -5.0 then you and everyone in the station get concorded.

I like the idea and I like explosions. :joy:


well you don’t get concorded just for -5 but i wouldn’t mid ganking an alt with a bunch of my friends then docking up with the criminal timer lol

The only thing that would make sense is if going red in highsec and having concord shoot you makes you loose a small amount of faction standings for the space your in and only if the avg faction standings across all corp members of the owning entity fall below -5 then only could this maybe work.

But otherwise way too exploitable.

A Citadel is no different than a ship because the Citadel can fire weapon modules as well using ECM modules. The only difference is that a Citadel cannot warp around. A Citadel also uses remote tractor beams/ tethering, armor, shield and hull repair along with cap transfer capabilities that make it what? A non-warp able ship.

I was thinking more along the lines of a different mechanic but based on the averages that you posted.

In Null space Citadel owners have indexes that they have to grind in order to add bonuses to their Citadels. So why shouldn’t High Sect Citadels along with Low Sec Citadels have similar indexes as well? If a corporation is actively ganking their standings with the Faction Police decreases. Each time that a corporation gains a negative Faction Police standing it should effect their Citadel.

For example a Citadel in High or Low Sec that does not allow Capsuleers with criminal status would receive a bonus to the amount of shield, armor and hull repair hit points replaced along with increased invulnerability times for shield, armor and hull.

If a Citadel harbors criminals then the above bonuses should become negative values along with the Citadel going into an active state of being attacked for a certain number of hours before needing to have war dec the owning corporation in order to attack the Citadel housing Capsuleers with a -10 security status.

I also think that the limited engagement timers should allow the Citadel that the ganker is docked up in to be attacked without any need for war deccing the ganking corporation as part of a transfer of limited combat between two High Sec capsuleer’s who are not actively fighting each other through a war dec.

You have a personal vendetta against CODE and you cannot see how unbalanced your ideas world be, not to mention how abuseable they are. Take a break and calm down.

The current mechanics surrounding structures and criminals is fine. If you want to take down a structure, you can declare war on the corporation.


Everyone has a personal vendetta with CODE unless you are part of CODE or one CODE’s Clone Aspirant Agents.

The fact is that CODE has destroyed nearly 61 trillion ISK in assets due to their ganks. If you factor in their CItadels and ships they probably spend around 2 to three billion ISK per month. 61 trillion destroyed equals 200 Revenants destroyed at approx $8,000 or (300 billion ISK) that equals $1.6 million dollars in overall value that CODE has destroyed. Seeing as how CODE scoops the loot afterwards CODE has probably around $600,000 of modules on the market.

The fact that a war mechanic protects those assets from being taken back in a similar manner they were taken in the first place should not exist.


Or alternatively 1v1 me tonight in Udy

CODE? They have never even shot at me or one of my alts. Leave high sec and begone with that stuff.

What I posted was A Citadel also uses remote tractor beams/ tethering, not A Citadel also uses remote tractor beams like you posted.

A tractor beam is basically the same thing as tether except there isn’t any forward velocity created with the tether.

You really do need to stop trying to rearrange what has been posted in some fanciful to try and create a relevant point.

I still want that 1v1 tho

Legend has it you will make more posts each timetime you get killed

Only tethering, tractor means to pull, tether is only a link.