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So I have put up a citadel up and put some guns on it and I have now been put in to reinforcement two times now and I have just noticed this second time that the citadel is not attacking because theres no ammo used. I do not have any services on it yet but I would think it would still attack without services.

It does not attack on its own- you (or another player in your corp) need to take control of it and shoot at things just like you would in a ship.

Citadels are like ships. If no one is at the keyboard, the ship will not fire back.

You need someone to man the citadel when its being attacked.

How can I get a notification when its beening attacked out of game I believe Pos’s did that at one point

outside the game? use a phone app. I use EVEdroid.

I have eve portal and have yet to get a notification

It sends me a notification in the sense that i open the app and check the mail and its there.

Let me know where it is and I can come and assist in defending it…

Unless I’ve completely missed something:- I thought citadels can only attack war targets during vulnerability periods? At all other times station weapons are inert.

Citadels will do nothing unless you are manning them… You need to be online and manning them to have any effect.
And from what I have experienced, you cannot defend a citadel just by itself.
Its an annoyance to the attackers at best, at worst, they’ll catch your pod as well.

Best case: The attackers just enjoy to easily shoot abandoned citadels and if you take control, you show the corp is still alive and the attackers don’t want to risk any of their glas cannon battlecruisers. So showing up doesn’t have to be futile.
Showing up with a bunch of friends is even better.

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No, I’m pretty sure you can man and use weapons on all war targets, all the time.



It’s like security always set on green, they told me.
So in High, you only can fight enemies, and only enemies can fight you without CONCORD interference.

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